Open Golfing at Royal St. Georges
Copyright/Publisher: Green Valley Publishing, Inc. [Sharedata], Release Year: 1985, Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1

Using a multi-screen, scrolling map of the Royal St. George's golf course, now's your chance to take on the world's best. You'll be prey to the Royal St. George's harsh weather conditions and, of course, it's terrifying bunkers, deceptive banking slopes and the awkwardly placed running streams.

You can play GOLF using either the keyboard or a joystick. Use the joystick in port 2 or the following keyboard controls:
N = UP
0 = QUIT

The next screen contains a diagram outlining the different screen sections displayed during the game.

To play a shot, follow the sequence below:

A - Using either the joystick or keyboard, move the white hand to box 4. Scan through the choice of clubs using UP/DOWN. Then press the firebutton/spacebar to confirm your choice.

B - Move the white hand to boxes 1 and 3 to select the strength and direction of your shot. Position the hand near the arrows so the one you want lights up. Then press the firebutton/spacebar to make the adjustments.

C - Move the hand back to box 5, the animted player, and press the firebutton/spacebar. If your choice of clubs is unusual, the caddy will ask if you are sure about your choice. You can change your club at this point or take the shot by pressing the firebutton/spacebar.

D - Move the hand to box 2 and press the firebutton/spacebar to see an overall view of the hole you are playing.

E - Box 6 shows you the distance and par for each hole and your total score.

Taking the windspeed and direction assures a more accurate shot. The controls you set before playing a shot, are the major influences on any one play. However, as the animated golfer swings, you can 'fine tune' the strength and direction of the shot. Left and right alter the direction and up and down alter the strength.

For example, if you move the joystick left diagonally, the ball will go farther forward and to the left. Once your shot has been played the screen will scroll to the new position. Use box 2 to see where you are and set up the next shot.