OutRun Europa
Copyright/Publisher: US Gold/Sega, Developed By: Probe Software Ltd, Programmed By:
Neil Coxhead, Music By: Jeroen Tel, Graphics By: Mak Computer Grafix & Drew Northcott,
Produced By: Neil Young, Release Year: 1991, Genre: Weird Racing, Number Of Players: 1


Why had they given you, Simeon Kurtz the most senior operative from Unit 6 the task of a simply maildrop in Berlin? This was surely a task for a junior employee who needed the experience.

However as you emerged from the basement in a seedy London backstreet, your head pounding with pain you instinctively knew that the bad guys had made off with the secret documents, and what's more they had taken your Ferrari F40 as well.

You contact control... bad move as he puts the phone down. You have this feeling that your own guys are going to be after you.

You have only one choice, retrieve the documents and deliver them as planned, which should clear you with the department. Fortunately you still have the tracking device homed in to the briefcase, but the signal is growing faint.

As you walk round the corner, your spirits rise as you see a motorbike standing outside a cafe...


Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys together. Press PLAY on the cassette deck. Follow any on-screen prompts.

Outrun Europa has 7 levels of racing action spread out over Europe. Here's a list of the levels and the vehicles that the player uses.

1: England - Motorbike
2: Channel - Jetski
3: France - Porsche
4: Spain - Porsche
5: Mediterranean - Power Boat
6: Italy - Ferrari F40
7: Germany - Ferrari F40


From the title screen - Press Fire to enter the game.

Road Racing sections (Levels 1, 3, 4, 6 & 7)

Joystick Port 2
Up = Accelerate
Down = Brake
Left = Vehicle Left
Right = Vehicle Right
Fire = Boost

Note: On the C64 version only the length of the fire button press is directly related to the length of boost.

Water sections (Levels 2 & 5)

Joystick Port 2
Up = Accelerate
Down = Brake
Left = Craft Left
Right = Craft Right
Fire = Fire Mortar/Rocket

At any time during the game the player is able to toggle between keyboard & joystick by pressing the 'C' key. The UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and FIRE description above can be substituted with the following

* = Up
; = Down
Z = Left
X = Right
Right Shift = Fire

In addition, the P key may be used to toggle the Pause option on and off.

1988, 1991 SEGA TM All rights reserved. Licensed to KIXX., Units
2/3 Holford Way, Holford, Birmingham B6 7AX. Tel: 021 625 3311.