Copyright/Publisher: Elite Systems, Programmed By: Chris Harvey & Neil A Bate,
Music By: Mark Cooksey, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Cycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Pick up your old Push Bike, put on your peaked cap and imagine yourself braving the streets of an American suburb. Only superb riding skills and a steady throwing arm can get you through your seven day week of hilarious action.

Avoid cars, workmen, drunkards and lawnmowers all out to obstruct you in your pursuit of excellence. Score points by delivering to all your usual customers, but you can get sneaky bonuses by breaking the windows of non-subscribers.

It's a difficult task but your employer believes that practice makes perfect and generously provides a practice track where you can score valuable extra points. Get ready for the ride of your life.

You are the Paperboy and must deliver the newspaper to your customers on a daily basis. Being set in the USA, this entails riding your bike down a different street every day, throwing newspapers into the mailboxes or onto the doorsteps of your subscribers. If a person doesn't get his paper, he'll cancel his subscription - and no subscriptions means no job!

Papers can be handy for other things though.... There are various obstacles in your way which will try to knock you off you bike. A well-aimed newspaper makes a handy weapon against these hazards!

Also, there's no harm in encouraging people who don't subscribe to your paper to think again about their decision - whack a few papers through their windows for extra points! And while you're at it, why not aim a few at their bird tables and dustbins?

Or ride your bike over their flower beds? Mind you don't run out of papers though! You can only carry ten at a time, but supplies are left at various points along your route for you to pick up.

You are given a number of lives to complete as many days as possible. You lose a life if anything knocks you off your bike, but the game will end immediately should you run out of subscribers! Get to the end of the day and you can complete an assault course for extra points!

You can tell which houses are subscribers and which aren't without remembering them from the map at the start of the level. Houses which are subscribers look light, and houses which aren't subscribers look dark. Check out the windows!