Para Academy
Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games/Hiro Graphics, Programming: David Mowbray,
Graphics: David Mowbray & Sunta Mowbray, Music by: Adam Gilmore,
Release Year: 1990, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The motto of the greatest combat force of all time - The Paras. These crack troops have combined their physical fitness and mental agility to make them the most feared of all battle opponents. PARA ACADEMY requires you to harden your fighting skills in six precise disciplines, whilst pushing yourself to exhaustion to gain the highest ranks possible in the formidable Red Berets.


PARA ACADEMY takes the paratrooper to the limits of his endurance and beyond. Promotion prospects are quickly decided through a series of specially developed tests. There can be no failure - to fail means ejection from the ranks of the elite. Strength and stamina, combined with the ability to fire a weapon with deadly accuracy, are just some of the qualities you must possess to lead a unit of battle- hardened killers.

Do you have the ability to graduate from the PARA ACADEMY?

All disciplines are designed to test the Para to exhaustion against the clock. Success allows you to rise through the ranks from private to Corporal, and then on to Sergeant.

An essential skill that could make the difference between making the kill or being eliminated. Moving the control left and right will allow you to raise your energy level indicator to complete the 100m in record time.

It doesn't matter how you swim - just as long as it's fast! Conserve your energy for the last half of the race.

You'll need technique as well as strength to beat top PT instructor - Corporal "Brickhouse" Mills.

A gruelling test of stamina, and effective use of body energy. Rapid lifting of the 50kg bar pushes you to your limits.

Practise your shooting skills with a rifle against fast-moving targets in a rural battleground setting. Deadly accuracy is needed as you must make each kill with only a single bullet.

Climbing against impossible odds will be essential for movements behind enemy lines. Complete as many full climbs as possible on the parallel ropes in the time available. Points are awarded on successful completion of a test, with Bonus points being awarded if the candidate excels at the obstacle.

Crack Paras are requested to enter their names in the Red Berets' Hall of Fame.

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