Passing Shot
Copyright/Publisher: Image Works/Mirrorsoft Ltd/Sega, Conversion By: Teque Software; Michael Hart,
John Scott & Frederic O'Rourke, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Press FIRE (or keyboard equivalent) to start. If you wish to play doubles, then FIRE must be pressed on both sets of controls. Move the joystick left or right to select a letter for your initials, firebutton to choose the 2nd and/or 3rd letter. Then select the difficulty level - higher levels start you further into the world stages and put you up against tougher opposition.

Passing Shot lets you play the deciding set in a three set match. If you play doubles then the two players are on the same side, against computer controlled doubles pairs. The tramlines are included in-bounds when playing doubles.

The view of the court in Passing Shot is represented from spectator level for service, then switches to top-down perspective for rallies - this allows the bset view and control over the action.

There are four types of stroke in Passing Shot: Flat, Slice, Topspin and Lob.

Serve the ball by selecting your shot as the ball flashes. The display will then alter to the top-down view. The joystick will control the movement of your player, but when the joystick fire button is pressed the different directions control the shot type.

Passing Shot follows the normal rules of tennis and incorporates all the usual features: double-faults, body touches, direct returns, aces service aces etc. You are required to reach six games to win the set, as per the rules of tennis.

If you manage to win the match, the next round will take place at another location in the world.

Use the joystick(s) to control the directions, press FIRE and push the joystick to play a stroke.

With FIRE pressed:
[FORWARD] - Flat
[BACK] - Lob
[LEFT] - Slice
[RIGHT] - Top Spin
[FIRE] - Change Gear.

Alternatively, the following keys can be used:
[P] - UP
[L] - DOWN
[Z] - LEFT

[Q] - Quits current game