Penalty Soccer
Copyright/Publisher: Gamebusters/Clockwize Software Developments/Artronic Limited, Designed &
Written By: David Bradley, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

This is the last chance your team has tow in. It all rests on you - the GOALIE. The top strikers in the world are going to be taking penalties against you.

Are you quick enough off the line to make the "SAVE."?

Can you take your team to the winning box?

* Random goals in vector curves - Which corner will they aim for?

* 10 increasingly difficult levels as you play against the computer - It's determined to win!

* Choose your opponent from the top strikers of the world.

You must try to save ten goals before your chosen striker scores ten.

Using the joystick you can walk around the goal area and leap or dive to save.

Choose a striker:
Easy - Keegan
Easy - Stapleton
Medium - Dalglish
Medium - Hodge
Hard - Waddle
Hard - Beardsley
Hard - Lineker
V Hard - Maradona