Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona
Copyright/Publisher: Grandslam Entertainment, Release Year: 1987,
Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Are your reflexes as quick as Peter Shilton's? Find out just how good a keeper you are in this addictive football simulation. You can practice, play a game and even test your self to try for a higher skill grading.

Game Control
Key configuration on set up
Up - [Q]
Down - [A]
Left - [O]
Right - [P]
Dive Up - [Q plus Enter]
Dive Up Left - [Q plus O Plus Enter]
Dive Centre Left - [O plus Enter]
Dive Centre Right - [P plus Enter]
Dive Down Left - [A plus O plus Enter]
Dive Down Right - [A plus P plus Enter]
All keys are redefinable on set up or joystick

Menu Selection
Options on the menus are selected by using the up and down keys to position cursor and fire to select the required choice.

Slick Code
A skill code may be entered to start a game from a previously attained level. This determines the type and speed of shots you are required to save. All skill codes are compatible between machines - you can play your friend on his machine woth your own code.

Modes Of Play
1. Practice Session
2. Play Game
3. Skill Upgrading

Attempt to save a random selection of five shoots.

Play Game:
A game consists of two halves. Each half comprises of four shots, either against the computer or against an opponent. In a two player game the shots you are required to save are related to your opponents skill level.

Skill Upgrading:
There are 16 skill levels A-P. During the skill upgrading you are required to save four shots at your present skill level. On doing so you will be presented with another skill level and a corresponding skill code, which you may use in a later game.

N.B. Skill levels and codes are related to the players previously entered initials.