Pit Fighter
- The Ultimate Competition -
Copyright/Publisher: Domark/Tengen Inc., Conversion By: Teque, Graphics By: Richard Browne,
Music By: JCH: Jens-Christian Huus, Release Year: 1991, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Pitfighter - The World's favourite illegal sport, is back for another season, this time in more locations and more popular then ever before. Join TY,KATO and BUZZ in a no holds barred brawl against eight different opponents, all of whom have their own techniques and methods of foul play.

A game for one or two players, Pitfighter is a battle to the death in an attempt to become the new Pitfighting world champion. You have the choice of being one of three fighters:

TY - Kickboxer
His greatest asset is agility, whilst his special moves are the spin kick, the flying kick and the roundhouse.

KATO - 3rd Degree Karate Black Belt
His greatest asset is speed, whilst his special moves are the Combo Punch, the Flip Kick and the Backhand.

BUZZ - Ex pro Wrestler
His greatest assit is power, whilst his special moves are the body slam, the head butt and the piledriver.

You can select your chosen fighter from the title screen in the game. In a two player game you may, if you wish, select the same tow fighters.

Your task is to defeat each of the seven different fighters who stand between you and the final duel, the Championship Match, against the Ultimate Warrior. Every third match you face is a grudge match, where in two player mode you will fight the second human player, in one player mode you must face a computer controlled clone of yourself.

Bonus points are awarded at the ed of each round for Knock Outs. A KO is awarded to the player who delivers the final blow to the opponent.

Along the way you will find various different objects strewn around the floor of the `pit' which you may pick up and use against you opponent:- you can even try pciking up and throwing your opponents.

Objects you will find in the 'pit' are:

- Stand a distance from your opponent ans use the "punch" move to throw the weapon, they can be used only once, unless they miss their intended receiver, in which case they will fall to the floor to bbe used again.

STICKS - Use the "punch" move to crack the stick against your opponent. The stick will break after a few hits.

Inside some of the barrels you will find power pills. When you see one of these fall out grab it immediately. The lucky owner of the power pill will have, for a limited time only, extra powers which double the power of their blows and halve the power of their opponents blows.

At the end of each round you will be awarded bonus points according to how you performed in that round. The bonus are a FIGHT PURSE, a standard amounst awarded for each round, a KO BONUS, for how many KO's you achieved in thr round and a BRUTALITY BONUS for how brutal you were in the round.


[UP] - Jump
[UP + RIGHT] - Jump Kick
[RIGHT] - Nothing!
[RIGHT + DOWN] - Kick
[DOWN] - Duck
[DOWN + LEFT] - Pick Up
[LEFT] - Defend Punch
[LEFT + UP] - Special Move

These moves apply when you are facing right. The controls are reversed when facing left.

[UP] - Move Up
[UP + RIGHT] - Move Up/Right
[RIGHT] - Move Right
[RIGHT + DOWN] - Move Down/Right
[DOWN] - Move Down
[DOWN + LEFT] - Move Down/Left
[LEFT] - Move Left
[LEFT + UP] - Move Up/Left

Double tap the joystick in the direction you are currently facing to EVADE, very useful for getting out of tight spots.

Player 1 - Joystick in Port 1
Player 2 - Joystick in Port 2

Pause - H

Unpause Any Key

Quit - Escape

Start 1 Player/ 2 Player Game - Follow onscreen instructions.