Pit Stop
Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Release Year: 1983, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

Get your speed up and timing down. PITSTOP challenges you to master six of the most famous Monaco Grand Prix, and the grueling pace of the Le Mans, then the narrow Kyalami straight aways wait to eat you alive. Even seasoned professionals dread the icy, snow capped Albi inclines and the merciless heat of Jarama desert.

But the worst of them all is St. Jovite which has a nasty reputation as a racer's graveyard. Until you get a few laps under your belt, you'll need a practice run on each of these monsters of the Racing world. Then it's on the Mini or Grand Circuit where the real test begins.

You've got to decide when it's time to, put the pedal to the metal and when it's time to hit the pits.

Keep your eye on the road and watch out for the other cars, some will even try to run you off the track. Get in and out of the pits as fast as you can, but don't forget your fuel. Watch your tyres, a blowout knocks you out of the race. Run out of gas and you lose.

Survive the challenge and claim your purse. Accumulate the highest earnings and the Grand Circuit Championship is yours.

1. Steering
Use a joystick to steer the car while on the track.

2. Speed
To accelerate push forward on joystick. To decelerate pull back on joystick.

3. Pit Crew
Use joystick to move cursor (+) to the crew member you wish to use first, press the fire button once. You can now use your joystick to move that crew member. To use another crew member press fire button to disengage cursor (+), then reposition it once again using the joystick.

1. Number of Players:
To select the number of players, push joystick forward until correct number (1-4) is displayed on the screen, then press the fire button.

2. Level Of Difficulty:
There are three difficulty levels: Rookie, Semi-Pro, Pro. To select, push joystick forward until the desired level is displayed on the screen, then press the fire button.

The Mini Circuit presents you with a random selection of three of the six famed race tracks, you never know which one you'll be racing next. Then, when you think you have the skills required, try your luck on the Grand Circuit.

Only the top professional drivers have the endurance to survive each of the six gruelling races which comprise the Grand Circuit. When you start to get a feel for some of the races, boost your number of laps per race. You'll be frantically searching for a pitstop around every curve.

Each of the six courses will push your performance race car to the limit. The harder you drive the faster you run out of fuel, and the sooner your tyres breakdown under the strain. But wait, don't panic! Look at the radar map of the track, the nearest pitstop which seemed a hundred miles away, is just around the corner. Watch for the entrance and slow down, or you'll miss your only chance for survival. Pull into the pitstop and prepare your crew to race the clock. Remember even the best driver in the world is only as good as his pit crew.

3. Number of laps:
To select length of race: 3, 6 or 9 laps, press joystick forward until desired number is displayed on the screen, then press the fire button.

4. Type Of Race:
There are three racing positions: a single race, Mini Circuit (3 races) or Grand Circuit (6 races). Push the joystick until your choice is displayed on the screen, then hit the fire button. If you select a single race, you will be asked to select a race course. You have six choices, use your joystick and hit the fire button to select.

After the selection process is complete, the name of the race track and GET READY PLAYER ONE will appear on screen. You are now set to begin racing.

After each race, the Official Race Results will list your place and display the number of laps you have completed. Then check your purse, that's what the sweat and stress of racing's all about. Finish first and you receive a $50.000 purse. Second place earns you $25.000, the third place winner will take home $15.000 and the fourth place winner pockets $10.000. Not only that, but you get another $1.000 for every lap you complete!

Only by completing the race will you be eligible for the big prize money. All your winnings from Grand or Mini Circuit are totaled on the Official Circuit Standing board.


1. On The Track
Use your radar map, located at the left of the screen. to determine your position and the distance to the pit. Pay attention to both, your fuel supply and tyre wear. The faster you drive the more fuel you use. Bumping into another car, or hitting the side of the road will cause you tyres to wear. Tyre wear us indicated by a change in colour.

Your tyres start dark blue, change to light blue, green and finally read. Once red, even the slightest bump can cause a blow out and end the race. Pit entrace will appear on the right

2. In The Pits
It's a race against the clock. Every second counts! Hurry!!! Grab that worn tyre and run to the new tyre stack. Return to your car with a new tyre and mount. To refuel, move gas attendant to rear of the car. Don't overfill!!! The tank may explode and you'll have to fill up again. To leave the pits, move your cursor (+) down to your Flagman. Make sure all crew members are standing away from your car, then press fire button to get back to the track. Whew! Races can be won or lost in the pits.

You never know which race is next on the Grand Circuit. So press fire button to go on to the next race. If all the races of the Circuit are completed, press fire button to start over. You don't become Grand Circuit Champion without a lot of practice.

A bump from another car is easier on the tyres than colliding with the side of the track. To play it safe, change your tyres before they turn red. Keep an eye on the radar screen, you may miss your chance to get into the pits.

Get two pit crew members working at the same time by starting the gas attendant first, theh change a tyre or two while he's filling the tank.

Watch your fuel gauge when filling up. An overfill will cause your tank to explode. You don't have to change all the tyres every time you're in the pits. Replace the worn ones and get back on the track.