Pocket Rockets
Copyright/Publisher: Capcom, Programming: Stephen Rozner, Graphics: Kevin Sullivan,
Music: Rich Young, Game Design: Christopher Riggs, Executive Producers: Joseph Morici &
Yoshihito Nakayama, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1<

                           THE POCKET ROCKETS STORY

Welcome to the wild world of the 600cc Sportsbikes! Gathered for your
personal revue are four of the hottest, street-legal, two wheeled monsters
to blast down any canyon. YOU get to take the Suzuki Katana, the Kawasaki
Ninja, the Yamaha FXR, and the Honda Hurricane, and put them through their

You will get the opportunity to discover the feel of each of these bikes as
you race the clock on the road course, and sprint against the stopwatch on
the dragstrip. Time is the ultimate standard by which you can judge these
motorcycles; the fastest mass production cycles in this class!



Put the joystick in port 2 and make sure only one disk drive is connected
to the computer. Type Load "*",8,1 then return. The game will automatically
load the credits page as well as the title page. From there the motorcycle
pages will be presented.


Go to drive A by typing A: then pressing return. Type PR then pressing
return. The computer will give you a choice between joystick or keyboard
control and also allow a selection of graphics. The keyboard commands
within this manual are placed in brackets ().


For the 500 and 2000, start with the Amiga Workbench. Insert the game disk.
Go to the icon with the mouse and click twice. This will load the game
automatically.  For the 1000, boot the kickstart disk before inserting the


POCKET ROCKETS on the Commodore 64 and the Commodore Amiga systems can only
be operated by a joystick. The joystick commands are different for each
part of the game. The game is divided into three sections:

1. THE MOTORCYCLE PAGES. The illustrations of the four bikes will change
when you have the pointer arrow set inside the actual picture of the
individual bike and press the fire button (space). This will allow you to
pick which of the four bikes to use in either the Drag Race or the Road

There are two smaller illustrations inset in each Motorcycle Page. The
picture on the left side is of a roadcourse with a black-and-white
checkered flag. Move the pointer arrow here (left arrow), and press the
fire button (space), if you wish to take the pictured motorcycle on the
Road Race.

The other illustration, on the right side, is of the speedway lights that


used at the Drag Race portion of the game. Move the pointer arrow
here (right arrow), and press the fire button (space), if you wish to take
the pictured motorcycle on the Drag Race.

Due to the similar layout of the Motorcycle Pages, these instructions will
fit any of the chosen bikes.

2. THE ROAD RACE. When you have selected the motorcycle that you wish to
test drive on the Road Race, the game will shift to show the actual
road-course with the dashboard of the chosen bike in the foreground, a
cycle with a rider on the road (your character), and a highly detailed
background. The instruments in the dashboard will help you handle the bike
like a pro. When the green indicator light is on the bike is in neutral.
The flashing amber lights are turn signal indicators. The red oil light
comes on when you have crashed. The current gear is indicated by digits 1
to 6 lighting. The time begins when you first accelerate.

The joystick commands for the Road Race are:

Push up to accelerate.
Push up and press the fire button to shift gears up.
Pull down to decelerate.
Pull down and press fire button to shift gears down.
Push right to move right.
Push left to move left.

The IBM keyboard commands for the Road Race are:

Spacebar- Accelerate, turn left.
7 - Accelerate, go straight.
9 - Accelerate, turn right.
4 - Turn left, no acceleration.
5 - Brake.
6 - Turn right, no acceleration.
1 - Brake, turn left.
2 - Brake.
3 - Brake, turn right.

At the completion of the Road Race, an illustration showing a pair of
checkered flags and a trophy, glowing alternately, will appear. Choose the
checkered flags if you wish to race again with the same bike by moving the
joystick to the left (left arrow), and firing (space). Choose the trophy if
you wish to record your score by moving the joystick to the right (right
arrow), and firing (space). The trophy will appear, then you will be sent
back to the Motorcycle Pages to choose the next bike and next event. (For
Commodore 64: if you wish to go directly to the bike screens, press the
spacebar and you will avoid the trophy screens completely. Scores are not
recorded but load time is avoided.)

3. THE DRAG RACE. When you have chosen the motorcycle that you wish to test
ride on the Drag Race, the game will shift to show a rider and cycle on


the drag strip, (your character), a grandstand in the background and the
instruments in the foreground. The instruments are: a speedometer, a
tachometer, the starter lights, a stopwatch and gear indicators 1 to 6. The
starter lights begin with red.

The motorcycle starts in neutral and should be revved while waiting for the
green lights. Shift up into first when the green lights appear and the
timer starts.

The joystick commands for the Drag Race section are as follows:

Push up to accelerate.
Push up and press fire button to shift gears up.

The IBM keyboard commands for the Drag Race are:

7,8,9 activates the accelerator.
Spacebar will shift gears.

As with the ROAD RACE, at the end of the DRAG RACE you will be given the
option of racing again, entering your initials on the trophy, or going back
to the bike pages. The only difference here is that the icon for continuing
the DRAG RACE is a stopwatch. They operate the same here as the icon
selections of the ROAD RACE.

Other commands for the IBM Version:

ESC - Freezes the game.
Q - Quite, goes back to DOS.


For the Road Race Section:  

1. Stay on the road. Straying from the course is dangerous!

2. Beware of red-lining the engine.

For the Drag Race Section:

1. Revv engine before the green light, but not too high!

2. Beware of red-lining here too!

3. Keep joystick pushed Up (up arrow), while racing.