Copyright/Publisher: Happy Computer/Markt&Technik, Created By: Henning Eilers,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Table Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Play a round of 'Pong!' with your Commodore 64. Our type-in nostalgia listing is a version of the telegame classic 'Ping-Pong' - the grand father of all telegames.

Who'd have thought it? Already more than ten years ago people played with the computer. At that time they called it 'telegames' what today is known as videogames to us - but in a far simpler form.

Now the telegame classic receives new honour as short Bonsai listing for the C64. There is everything in this small program what brought pleasure to telegamers in those earlier times.

In principle it is a table tennis variant on the screen. Using his racket each player tries to bring the ball behind the opponent's racket.

You play by twos or only against the computer. The bats react very quick so that 'cutting' the ball is no probelm. A round is of 15 points.

The program 'Pong!' is in packed format and first of all has to be depacked by 'RUN' after entering with the MSE. Then the game can be started by another 'RUN'.