Premier II
Copyright/Publisher: E&J Software, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1

You are Team No. 1

Squad Details:
D = Defender
M = Midfield
A = Attacker
P = Indicates player selected
A = Ability
F = Form
G = Goals

The Goal Scoring Ability (GSA) rating of 1-6 for both Teams is displayed on the MATCH SCREEN and is based on: Team Morale, Ability for Defence, Midfield & Attack, Total Team Form, Total Goals Scored and Home advantage.

Note: The GSA is only a guide to which team is more likely to score based on current Form and Ability etc., but there are no certainties in Football.

Your Opponents will always select the strongest team from their Squad based on their style of play (ie 4-4-2 or 4-3-3).

TRANSFERS: You can make an approach for any player in the League, but Teams doing well in the League will be less likely to sell their star players. Before making an approach for a player make a note of his Team and Squad Number.

If one of your Players Demands a Transfer and you refuse to release him, you may find that his Form and Ability will suffer.

SALARY: Your starting Salary will be £20,000. At the end of each Season your Salary will be reviewed depending on your success. You can also increase your Salary by joining another Club. HOW MUCH CAN YOU EARN?

JOB OFFERS: If you are a successful Manager you may receive Job Offers from other Clubs. You will be able to review their Squad and League Position before making your decision.

FINANCE: The Maximum Loan Balance you are allowed is £2,000,000, but if your Loan Balance exceeds £1,000,000 atthe End of a Season, you will be SACKED. If you win the PREMIER CHAMPIONSHIP your Club will receive a Bonus of £500,000. Your Club’s Wages and Expenses will vary depending on the number of players in your Squad and their Ability Rating.

END OF SEASON: At the end of each season your performance as Manager will be assessed. If you survive Season Ticket Sales will be published. The bottom Team will be relegated.

MENU SELECTION "SAVE GAME": For Saving and Loading a Saved Game.

PREMIER II can also be played as a companion game to EUROPEAN II. EUROPEAN II is another Great Strategy Game from E & J Software simulating a European Cup competition. Each Round including the Final is played over 2 legs and Away Goals count double if the scores are level. EUROPEAN II includes a SUPERB PENALTY SHOOT OUT FEATURE.

If the Scores are level after 2 legs and Extra Time, you will choose the players that take the Penalties to decide the Winners, including Sudden Death Penalties if necessary. Can you win the Premier League Championship and the European Super Cup? Transfer your Premier League Winning Squad to EUROPEAN II and try for a unique Double.