Professional Skateboard Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Created By: Gavin Raeburn,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Skateboard, Number Of Players: 1

7 Skateparks and 7 Cross-Country sections for One or Two Players to tackle.

Do Arie1 80s, 360s, 720s - the lot! Crucial action!

Pop ollies over fences, pudles and rough ground - You gotta be cool not to SLAM!!!

This is a well radical game - all the action, all the excitement, all the skill - just like the real thing!


Use a Joystick in Port 1 to control Pro Skateboard. Select the number of players, lives, etc. from the title screen by moving the arrow Up or Down with your Joystick and pressing [Fire].

The game is played over 7 levels, each with a 3D Skatepark section and an Overhead-view Cross-Country time-trial.

On both sections, your time remaining is displayed on the topped of the screen. The number of flags led to pick-up or skate-thru is shown top-right.

Skatepark Sections:
Move fast against the clock to collect the required number of flags. You'll get a time-penalty if you go off the tarmac - sometimes you'll have to jump to avoid patches of rough ground! If you come off the course, position the pointer where you wish to reappear and press fire.

Pushing the Joystick [LEFT] or [RIGHT] turns the Skater in that direction. Push [FORWARD] repeatedly to boost yourself along. Pull [DOWN] on the stick to slow up or spin thru 180 degrees if you're standing still. Press [FIRE] to Jump.

Cross-Country Sections:
Skate to the Finishing Post against the clock, passing thru the pairs of Flags. Avoid all obstacles!

Pull [LEFT] or [RIGHT] to move the skater. Push Joystick [FORWARD] or [BACK] to accelerate or slow down.

Codemasters History
David and Richard Darling first started writing computer games when they were in their early teens and still at school. They duplicated the cassettes themselves and sold them by mail order, taking small advertisements in magazines. From these beginnings David and Richard became contract programmers. They wrote and sourced games for major software houses, and many of these games were major best sellers. In October of 1986 the Darlings set up CodeMasters, their own company. From the beginning they were determined to sell only the best possible games at the lowest possible price. One title, BMX SIMULATOR, went on to become one of the worlds best selling games. In less than a year, CodeMasters had a string of Top Ten hits to it's name. The company was the best selling software house in Britain. David and Richard are now 21 and 20 years old, and are determined to continue what they do best; producing top selling computer games.

CodeMasters excellence is a result of utilizing the best games programmers there are. The best programmers deserve the best rewards. If you are good enough to program for us then write to David Darling now - you won't regret it. This program, including code, graphics, music and artwork are the copyright of CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd and no part may be copied, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd.