Pro Ski Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Produced By: The Highlanders, Programmed By: Andrew Graham, Graphics By:
Stewart & Robbie Graham, Music By: Steve Barrett, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Winter Sports, Number Of Players: 1/2

Yet another brilliant Codemasters simulator. The best skiing game yet. Experience the spills and thrills of the downhill racer. All the excitement, but you won't need an ambulance when you crash! Same authors as Grand Prix.

A very realistic simulator featuring 7 large smooth scrolling ski slopes, each progressively more difficult, based on the authors experiences in various parts of Austria.

When the status window appears at the end of a race press any key to continue.

Just like in real skiing the controls will take a little while to get used to - but its worth it!

The LEFT and RIGHT controls refer to the skiers view, not the camera view. So, when you are going downhill, pressing LEFT will make him move to the RIGHT. It makes sense when you get used to it.

You may find that if you ski too slow you will go off the top of the camera range, you will then have to play using the radar display on the right, or you can press Q to quit, have another game, and beat it!

There are rumours that a YETI roams the slopes ....