Pub Games
Copyright/Publisher: Alligata Software, Written By: John Stevenson, Music By:
Ben Dalglish, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 or 2



The times they've left you at home because 'you're not grown up' or 'not old enough to come to the pub' and look what they get up to when they get there!

Here's your chance to find out what it's really like in those smoke filled haunts of adulthood.

The opportunity to see how good you are at these ADULT?? games. Why let the mums and dads have all the fun. Pub Games can be a laugh for everyone.


Use joystick in port 2 to move, select tab and fire to select.

When selecting play all events this selection plats each game event 3 times. The best 2 out of 3 wins that event, then at the end of each game a score will be seen to let you know who is winning, the score saver will save the highest score.

Event #1 DARTS: 501 or 301

Normal match rules always finish on a double or be penalized. F1 selects between 501 & 301, joystick in port 2 up/down, left/right aim dart, fire to throw dart.


This is played with 8 balls, 7 white & 1 red. Red ball starts on the table.
1. Any ball returning over baulk-line.
2. Failing to hit a ball in play.
3. Knocking over white mushroom skittle.
The above fouls zero your break!

After 10 minites, potted balls are not returned, and play continues with the remaining balls. When the last 2 balls only remain, the ball nearest the player is returned to the half circle, and an attempt must be made to pot off the cushion into the 200 hole. Beware knocking over the black skittle zero's your score. Scoring, the diagram down below will show the holes diagram & the numbers show the point value each hole has! ws=white skittle, bs=black skittle

30 - 20 - 10 - 20 - 30
ws - 100 - ws
50 - 50

Joystick Control:
up/down, left/right Position Ball, Fire to accept, left/right select left or right side spin or up/down select top or bottom spin. Fire to accept. Up/down power of shot fire to accept. Left/right angle of shot fire to accept.

Event #3 DOMINOES:

Fire button reveals so make sure your opponent is not looking.
Normal Rules apply. The winner gets 100 points. F1 = Change selected dominoe.
CRSR up/down = Rotate Dominoe.
Fire selects position left/right, up/down move dominoe in that direction.


Winner receives 100 points each game. 9 balls per game.
Joystick 1&2 up/down move players up/down, left/right kick and reset to forward kick position.

Event #5 PONTOON (Blackjack-USA)

Place your bets with the F1 key to increase your stake (min. 100 & max. 500) after your secound card is revealed you can TWIST, STICK or BUY (no sticking below 16). Pontoon beats 5 card trick.

10 consecutive hands for each player, with your final kitty added to your score. F1 = increase/decrease stake. Return = turn secound card. S = Stick. T = Twist. B = Buy.

Event #6 POKER:

Keyboard number 1-5 represent the 5 cards dealt. You may be dealt another hand or a selection of the 5 cards. Pressing 1-5 selects the cards to be replaced. Spacebar starts the dealing & each player has 10 games.

Maximum gamble 100 points but high odds give big winnings in this game.

Space - start game, 1 - 5 exgange/retain card.

2-1 Pair
6-1 Flush
10-1 Run, Full House, 4 of a kind
4-1 2 Pair
8-1 Prial
20-1 Running Flush

Event #7 SKITTLES:

5 games each. Winner receives 100 points per draw. 10 bowls per game. Try to line the crosshair & player to obtain a strike. 10 points per skittle down. Joystick/keyboard - fire or space - when prompted to change player.