Race Against Time
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Conversion By: Digital Design, Programmed By:
Nick Taylor & Dave Sanders, Graphics By: Ashley Routledge, Music By: Allister Brimble,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1


Another great game by the Oliver Twins.
An excellent example of how compulsive and addictive a game can really be!!! Add this to your collection of Code Masters classics - Travel around the world solving all kinds of fascinating mysteries.

You play Omar Khalifa, the legendary Sudanese runner. Your task is to run around the world carrying the torch of Sport Aid'88 and getting people to join the The Race Against Time. This is done by raising a flag and lighting a flame in a bowl on each of six continents.

The game has over hundred locations, many of which feature famous landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza, Buckingham Palace, Mount Rushmore, The Kremlin and the Victoria Falls. See how many places you recognize while you play the game.

You start the game at dawn in the El Mowheli relief camp in Sudan, from where you must find the airport. Use the World map to choose your destination, then hit the ACTION key to go to that continent. Your task is to raise the flag and light the flame with your torch...


(C128 users select C64 mode)
Type LOAD press RETURN


You may use either a joystick in PORT TWO or the keyboard.

FIRE - SPACE - ACTION (Take, Drop, Use)

When you see a flashing arrow on the screen, you are able to go 'into' the screen to the end location. This is done by standing in front of the arrow and DUCKING.


Along your journey, you will find certain objects which will help you solve problems encountered during your quest. For example, in Asia you will find a spanner. If you take this to Rome, you can turn off the tap by the fountain, allowing you to pass without getting wet!


- On no account let yourself get wet - your torch will go out and you will lose a chance! You only have three chances each game.
- You are playing against the clock, so be quick.
- Picking up an hourglass gives you more time.
- Each time you light a flame, you are awarded a globe, and each time you raise a flag, you get a 'Change The World' symbol (at the top of the screen).

- When you have raised all the flags and ignited all the other flames, you must go to the United Nations Building and light the final flame.
- Your percentage score shows how close you are to finishing the game.
- Watch out for the booby-trapped bridge!
(jump over the falling parts)