Rad Ramp Racer
Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic Plus/Virgin Mastertronic, Music By: Thomas Egeskov Petersen,
Release Year: 1990, Genre: Skateboard/Cycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Select the game type you want to play on the opening screen or press SPACE to enter the course design module.

Use the keyboard (user definable) or a joystick to control your competitor. Four simple directions are available: up, down, left and right, with the fire button or fire key used to apply a bit of acceleration.

The half pipes at each end of the course can be a little tricky to negotiate - a spot of mad joystick waggling or key prodding in the left-right direction should see you right, providing you have the controls activated in the correct direction when you land.

Jump tricks earn extra points and are well worth practising - to attempt a trick, jump up and then push the joystick in the opposite direction and quickly pull back to perform a trick. Make sure you have the controls pointing in the correct direction when you land, though, or point-losing disaster will ensue.

Entering The Rad Ramp Races
The ultimate challenge for the street-cred sportsperson is offered by the annual Rad Ramp Race Challenge Cup. Contestants compete against one another on two identical courses packed with ramps, slaloms and bonus tokens on a frantic two-minute quest for points.

Choose your wheels - bike or board - and then hack up and down, using the half pipes at either end of course to make an elegant turn, Be sure to collect as many points as you can while the clock is still ticking.

Three consecutive courses from the Cup Series - six minutes of frantic action await you on the quest for street supremacy...

A built-in practice mode allows you to perfect your technique before taking on a human opponent. Watch the computer compete against itself to pick up some tricks and tactics, or polish your skills by skating or riding against the silicon chip.

When you're good and rady, sorry, ready, then find a friend to humilate in the Rad Race Challenge Cup.

Remember, bonus points are won by collecting tokens - and collecting tokens generally means taking a trickier route through the course. Errors aren't fatal, but you lose valuable point-collecting time if you wipeout.

Designing Your Own Course
The SPACE key on the opening screen takes you to the course design module, where you can spend hourse devising devious courses that you, your friends or the computer can then attempt.

You can create your own three-course Cup event by modyfing all the courses, or just tinker around with one of the courses supplied with the game. The Choice is yours...

Course building is simplicity itself - the scrolling window at the top of the screen is the empty track on which construction takes place.

Modular sections are added to the empty track, building your designer course up from the half pipe at the left to the final half pipe at the right. All you have to do is scroll the lower window left or right until the obstacle you want to add to your course is in the hot window at the very left, then click fire to add it to the course you're building in the upper scrolling window.

There's no limit to the ingenuity you can apply - but remember, unless your a real rad racer, there's no point in creating really difficult courses.