Rally Cross Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: Anco/Enigma Variations, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Rally Cross is the toughest and most challenging of motor car sports. The skils and temperament of the drivers are as important as the power, speed and manouverability of the car. RALLY CROSS CHALLENGE tests the temperament and driving skills of the players as the defeated drivers are gradually replaced by computer drivers of increasing skill and experience.

2 players: Joysticks or Joystick and Keyboard or Keyboard.
1 player: Joystick or Keyboard.

The challenge starts on the first track. At the end of the race the last placed contestant is replaced by a computer controlled driver. The computer drivers personalities range from cautious to reckless and have a few dare devils in their ranks. Their skills range from novice to expert.

A combination of character, skills and experience creates a range of drivers to provide an ever increasing challenge to the players. The First, Second and Third placed players are awarded 4, 2 and 1 points respectively. These points can be used to enhance the player's car or improve pit efficienty.

The option page displays a TV monitor for each player. Each monitor has 7 icon displays at the bottom.

1. Turbo
Each unit gives extra acceleration, reducing the time required to reach TOP speed.

2. Steering
Each extra unit increases the rate of steering and maximum steering.

3. Traction
Improves the road holding capabilities of the car, allowing the player to maintain high speeds round the bends.

4. Aerodynamics
Increases the TOP speed of the car.

5. Repair Time
Improves the pit efficienty, reducing the pit stop times.

6. Brakes
Reduces the braking distance.

7. Go
A multi-function icon used for:
a. Signify that selection is over.
b. Change car control method. There are 3 methods of controlling the car. See CAR CONTROL for fuller description.

Move joystick left or right to highlight the Icon. First move joystick up or down to change the units of the Enhancement icons.

GO - Move joystick up to display 1, the default car control method. Press Fire Button to change to 2 or 3 or back to 1.

Move joystick down to display GO. Press Fire Button to end selection. The monitor screen will switch OFF. The monitor screen shows useful information like the weather, credits, computer drivers etc.

When all players have COMPLETED the selection, press Fire Button.to EXIT the OPTION page.

Player 1 - Red Car
Player 2 - Blue Car

Control Options - Option 1
[LEFT] - Turn Left
[RIGHT] - Turn Right
[UP] - Accelerate
[DOWN] - Brake
[FIRE BUTTON] - Hand Brake

Control Options - Option 2
[LEFT] - Turn Left
[RIGHT] - Turn Right
[UP] - Accelerate
[DOWN] - Hand Brake

Only when all the selections have been made on the OPTION page i.e. all monitor screens switched off, the next track to be raced is shown. The count down starts. As soon as the lights go GREEN, Accelerate the car to start the race. Premature start is penalised.

REMEMBER, the last placed contestant is ELIMINATED.