Retro Ball
Copyright/Publisher: HES (Human Engineered Software), Programmed By:
Alick Dziabczenko, Release Year: 1982, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Starting Retro Ball

1. Turn power off
2. Plug the "Retro Ball" cartridge into the slot on the back.
3. Only then turn power on.

Object Of The Game

This game is an air-hockey simulation. The object is to be the first player to score 10 points by scoring the puck in your opponent's goal.

Starting the Game

When you first turn on the machine (with the cartridge plugged in) you will see the title page briefly and then the playing field will appear on the screen. This is now the programming mode and you may change parameters that affect game play (such as ball speed, one or two players, etc.). By pressing the following function keys, you may program the game play:

F1 sets up two player game with joysticks controlling "clackers" which are used to hit the puck into your opponent's goal. Clacker speed is set to 5 for both players and clackers only travel half court.

Pressing "F1" a second time sets the colorts optimally for a black and white TV or monitor.

F2 sets up two player game with joysticks having direct control of the puck (left joystick [port one] has control of the puck when the puck is on the left side, etc.) Puck speed is set to 5 for both players.

F3 sets full court if "F1" has been pressed. Turns computer opponent ON if "F2" has been pressed.

F4 sets latch speed (the speed at which the clackers may catch the puck by pressing the joystick button). The latch speed increases by one up to 9 each time you press this key (in effect only if "F1" has been pressed).

F5 sets left clacker speed if "F1" has been pressed. Sets maximum puck speed (on left side) if "F2" has been pressed. This speed increases by one each time the key is pressed.

F6 randomizes who gets the puck (left side or right side) and gives a new game (opposite of "F8").

F7 is the same as "F5" but right side.

F8 sets up previous game with the same score and puck position (can be used to change parameters during a game).

At any time you may engage the programming mode by pressing the Commodore logo key (bottom left hand key on the keyboard). During a game, you may change parameters by first pressing this key, changing parameters by pressing one or more function keys, and then by pressing "F8" (which is the shifted "F7" key). By pressing "F8" you set up the old score and puck position. Game play begins when a joystick button is pressed.

The computer opponent works only if "F2" has been pressed and is engaged if "F3" is pressed. The computer opponent always plays on the left side.

The puck is yellow (it is white on a black and white TV or monitor) and the clackers are purple and light green (black and gray on a black and white TV or monitor).