Copyright/Publisher: RUN/IDG Communications, Programmed By: Tony Brantner,
Release Year: 1992, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


Got an itchy trigger finger? Long for that slapshot action of air-hockey? Then warm up your Commodore, because Ricochet is here!

This game looks and plays like air-hockey: smooth, responsive puck action on a r ectangular table with a goal at each end. But instead of hitting the puck back and forth with a blocker, you and your opponent shoot at it with phasers.

When you run the program, choose the number of human players and a puck speed, f rom 1, the slowest, to 3. When playing the computer, you also select a skill le vel, from 1 to 5. Make each choice by moving the joystick in port 1 up or down to change the number, then pressing the fire-button.

The red phaser is controlled by joystick port 1, the blue by joystick port 2 or the computer. To freeze the action, press the Commodore key. Press it again to resume.