Road Rally
Written By: Unknown, Revised By: Mike Demmer, Polished By: Rita Oates,
Release Year: Unknown, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1



Welcome to the first annual Niles to Berrien Springs Road Rally. You'll be driving down notorious Rt. 31-33, trying to win the race and stay alive in the bargain. GOOD LUCK!

You have your choice of:
1) a VW
2) 283 Nova
3) Z-28

Remember, the better the car, the more gas it uses.

You will need to travel 5 kilometres with 0,5 liters of gas. Your status will be shown each 10 seconds. After each status check you will be asked for a new rate of gas; +10 = hard acceleration and -10 = hard braking. Any whole number is acceptable.

Note: Always press the key after entering an answer.
If at any time you wish to return to the MENU, press 'H' .

Inthis game, the student has to try to win the rally by skillfully controllig his/her own chosen car. The student will be pitted against obstacles such as curves and cars.

It is up to the user to control the speed of the car and successfully use gas to win the race.

NOTE: This game does not contain any graphics at all.