Rock'n Wrestle
Copyright/Publisher: Melbourne House, Game concept: Gregg Barnett, Designed & programmed by: Gregg Barnett,
Bruce Bayley, Cameron Duffy & Damian Watharow, Additional programming: Nigel Spencer & Andrew Pavlumanolakos,
Graphics: Greg Holland, Music: Neil Brennan, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Rock'n Wrestle is the first truly 3 dimensional wrestling game, and is controlled entirely from the keyboard or joystick.

Your are Gorgeous Greg, the tenth ranked contender for the World Championship Belt. Can you wrestle you way to the top?

Selecting Options
[F1]: Start Game
[F3]: Switch between 1 player and 2 player games
[F5]: Stop current game
[F7]: Switch between joystick and keyboard modes

One-player mode:
Plug your joystick into the front port. Your wrestler, the one in the bottom right hand corner of the ring is the 10th ranked contender. Your task ia to overcome all other contenders until you become world champion. You must pin each opponent within a time limit, without being pinned yourself. If the time expires you will lose the match by default. The final bout for the title has no time limit. The game can be started by pressing your trigger or by hitting the F1 key.

Two-player mode:
The bottom wrestler is controlled by a joystick in the front port while the top wrestler is controlled from the rear port. Both players may choose a wrestler by moving their respective joysticks up or down and pressing their trigger when the wrestler of their choice appears.

The winner ia the first player to pin his opponent twice within the given time limit The game can be startet by hitting the F1 key.

Playing the Game:
Though looking at the demo game may have given you the impression that 'Rock'n Wrestle' is a complex game to play nothing ia further from the truth.

The Simple rule to follow when controlling your wrestler is to watch carefully which direction he is facing. For example, if he is facing up screen then moving your joystick up would cause him to walk up. Moving your joystick down would cause him to walk backwards. Moving the joystick to the right would cause him to turn and walk to the right. To turn around (a 180 degree turn) you must either turn to the left twice or to the right twice.

All moves are centered around the direction in which your wrestler ia facing. For example whenever you press the trigger and point in the direction in which you are facing you will make a grab for your opponent (your arms will extend out). Pointing in the opposite direction combined with the trigger would cause you to arch back and kick at your opponent.

When thinking of what move you can do just look at the situation you are in and try what looks and feels natural. E.g. headbutts, grabs, pins and slams are in a forward direction. Kick and lifts are backwards. Arm movements such as forearm jolts, elbow drops and clothes lines are to the left or right.

Practicing moves:
The easiest way to practice all your moves is to go into 2 player mode. Your Opponent will not make any move against you so you should be able to perfect any move.

Details of the moves available in 'Rock'n Wrestle'. In the following graphic representation of the available moves it is assumed your wrestler is facing upscreen.

1.1 Moving around the ring
No Trigger


Turn and walk left - Turn and walk right


To do an about face turn left twice or turn right twice.

1.2 Running and bouncing off ropes
If you continue to walk in the same direction for a few steps you will begin to run. If you run into the ropes you can bounce off and gain extra momentum by reversing your joystick direction as your wrestler lunges into the ropes (YOU will see them bend outward).

1.3 Softening up your opponent
Trigger presssed


Knee - Forearm Jolt


The lifted knee, the forearm jolt and the kick are softening up moves designed to sap your opponent's energy and provide an opening for a grab.

1.4 Grabbing your opponent
Pressing the trigger and pushing the joystick forward will result in your wrestler extending hie arms. You may then try to grab your opponent by pulling back on the joystick.

lf you are in range and have timed your move correctly you will get hold of your opponent. lf you are facing him head on you will put a front headlock on him. If you grab him from behind you will put him in a full nelson or if you grab him from either side you will have him in an armlock.

1.5 Arm lock and arm spin
Having trapped your opponent in an armlock. You can then spin him by keeping your finger on the trigger and moving the joystick in a circular motion. To release him and throw him into the ropes simply take your finger off the trigger.

Depending upon the strength of the spin he will go careering into the ropes and bounce off out of control. You can spin him faster by jiggling your joystick. Likewise he can counter and break free by aut-jiggling you.

1.6 After throwing opponent into ropes
Trigger pressed

Flying Body Press

Clothes Line - Clothes Line

Drop Kick

Pushing the joystick forward will launch you into a flying body press which if successful will see you pinning your opponent. Pull back and you will let loose with a very powerful drop kick. The clothes line is a very useful manoeuvre after your opponent has been bounced oft the ropes. More often than not it knocks the air out of hirn and brings him to the canvas.

1.7 Front Headlock
Trigger pressed

Head Butt

Reverse Sulpex - Reverse Suplex - Lift

Having grabbed your opponent whilst facing him, keep the trigger pressed. Pushing your joystick forward will stagger your opponent with a head butt. Moving the joystick to either side will result in a reverse suplex, one of the best looking moves in wrestling.

By pulling back on the joystick you can try to lift your opponent above your head. This will succeed if you have sufficient energy and your opponent is not resisting too strongly (see 1.12). If you encounter resistance simply try again. You may catch your opponent oft guard.

1.8 Power lift (having lifted opponent from front headlock)
Trigger pressed

Body Slam

Aeroplane Spin - Aeroplane Spin

Pile Driver

This is a very masterful position to be in as if played right your opponent is at your mercy. To aeroplane spin him move your joystick. You can increase the force of the spin by jiggling your joystick. Likewise your opponent can be counter by out-jiggling you. Release your trigger anytime to dump your opponent rather unceremoniously onto the canvas. Pushing your joystick forward will body slam him onto the mat. Like the aeroplane spin this will produce a very stunned opponent.

Pushing the joystick back will result in one of the most devastating but difficult moves in 'Rock'n Wrestle', the pile driver. Though few opponents recover from this neck breaking manoeuvre it is very susceptible to resistance. (See 1.12)

1.9 Full nelson (rear grab)
Trigger pressed

Atomic Drop

Suplex - Suplex

Back Breaker

After having grabbed your opponent from behind, keep your finger on the frigger. A well executed suplex will have your opponent lying on the mat, gasping for breath. Pushing forward on the joystick will result in the atomic drop in which your opponent ia driven feet first into the canvas. Even more devastating is the back breaker, a manoeuvre designed to rearrange your opponent's spine.

1.10 Opponent flat on the canvas
Trigger pressed


Knee Drop - Elbow Drop


If your opponent is on the mat you may further attack him by stomping on him or delivering a well placed knee or elbow drop. If he looks as if he's in trouble you might try a turnbuckle fly (See 1.11). If you think he's weak enough to pin push the joystick forward to reinforce the pin.

1.11 Turnbuckle Fly
Standing in any of the four corners and pressing your trigger will initiate the turnbuckle fly, the most glamorous of all wrestling manoeuvres. You will see your wrestler climb up the turnbuckle and wait, arms stretched, ready to pounce. Release your trigger and he will launch himself into the air, flying toward the centre of the ring.

If contact is made, whether your opponent be flat on the mat or standing upright, this can devastate your opponent, but if you miss you can really hurt yourself. Also be wary of opponents lying on the mat as they could be faking, ready to jump away at the last moment.

1.12 What to do in a compromising Position (the joystick jiggle)
Whenever you're caught in a hold such as a headlock you might jiggle your joystick to frustrate your opponent's dastardly intentions. Simply move your joystick up and down or side to side as fast as you can.

1.13 Breaking a pin
to throw your opponent when he's pinning you move your joystick forward and back (in other words try to get up).

1.14 Getting up from the mat
You may use the joystick jiggle to try and regain control but you must press the trigger to stand up. You may stay down as long as you like i.e fake it, by not pressing your trigger.

Advanced players tips:
Power moves
Power moves are those employing lifts such as body slams, suplexes and piledrivers. In these moves maximum damage to your opponent can be achieved by releasing the trigger when it looks like your wrestler is letting go of his opponent.

AEROPLANE SPIN - Like the propeller of an aeroplane the helpless victim ia spun around and around.

ARMSPIN - Another spin but this time it takes place on the mat before the victim is flung onto the ropes.

ARM TWIST - Designed to really get your opponent tangled up.

ATOMIC DROP - The victim is lifted up then driven feet first into the canvas.

BACK BREAKER - More devastating than the Atomic Drop. This time the victim's spine is rearranged by his attackers knee.

BODY SLAM - From a great height your poor opponent is splattered onto the canvas.

CLOTHES LINE - the hapless victim is hung out to dry by an extended forearm.

DROP KICK - This time the attacker mistakes his opponent's head for a football as he lets fly.

ELBOW DROP - First a wind up then the attacker drops his elbow from a great height onto his victim.

FLYING BODY PRESS - The attacker catapults his body at the victim as if fired from a cannon.

FOREARM JOLT - A forearm blow to the head.

FULL NELSON - A strength move enforced from the rear.

HEADBUTT - A hard head is always useful weapon against an unsuapecting opponent.

HEADLOCK - Applied from the front this manoeuvre gives the attacker control over hie victim.

KICK - A sneaky kick in the stomach can have the desired effect.

KNEE DROP - A well placed knee drop will do wonders for an opponente looks.

KNEE STRIKE - This manoeuvre can double any opponent up.

MAD CHARGE - Simple but effective, just run straight at your opponent like a mad bull.

PILE DRIVER - A totally awesome move, the poor victim is drilled head first into the canvas.

PIN - This is what its all about keep that man covered for a count of three.

REVERSE SUPLEX - A beautiful move, the victim is flipped right up and over like an inverted pendulum.

STOMP - Put the boot in while the man is down.

SUPLEX - A graceful way to help your opponent to the canvas.

TURNBUCKLE FLY - Like a falcon you hover ready to swoop on an unsuspecting prey.

Published by
Melbourne House
Castle Yard House, Castle Yaro,
Richmond, Surrey TW10 6TF
United Kingdom

96-100 Tope Street
South Melbourne 3205
Victoria, Australia

Game concept - Gregg Barnett

This game was designed and programmed by the team of:
Gregg Barnett, Bruce Bayley, Cameron Duffy, Damian Watharow

Additional programming - Nigel Spencer, Andrew Pavlumanolakos

Graphics - Greg Holland

Music - Neil Brennan