Rocket Ball
Copyright/Publisher: IJK Software, Created By: John Sinclair,
Release Year: 1985, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


In the year 2010 AD, World disputes are no longer settled on Battlefield, but in the circular ROCKETBALL arena, victory going to the side scoring most goals. No quarter is given, and no holds are barred - an epic struggle between the corporate forces.


This action-packed Arcade style game includes all the features you would expect from an epic blockbuster.
* Super smooth scrolling
* 100% Machine code
* Tremendous music
* Shadow on ball
* 1 player versus comouter or 2 player game
* Fast loader (Includes Picture!)


This program is saved using the VISI LOAD fast loading system. It will load in approx 1/5 of normal loading time, and also gives a screen picture with changing border colours to indicate successful loading.

Hold down SHIFT and press RUN/STOP. The screen will go blank. When you see the FOUND, press the COMMODORE LOGO key, and the screen will again go blank. The program will automatically load and run.

Game Description

ROCKETBALL is a thrilling game of skill, expertise and outstanding realism. The action takes place on the circular rocketball track, where two roller skated teams of five players battle it out in a no holds barred goalscoring contest. Rules are virtually non-existant. The game is played in an anti-clockwize direction, and lasts 10 minutes. In the event of a draw two minutes extra time will be played repeatedly until one team is victorious.

ROCKETBALL presents the ultimate in 2 player participation games, whilst in its 1 player mode it demands the highest possible skill and dexterity from its opponent. However, the less skilled players can learn to master the techniques by starting on the easier levels.

Starting the Game

1. Ensure that the C-64 and cassette deck are connected correctly according to your C-64 manual.

2. Insert joystick into part 1 for 1 player game, or use 2 joysticks for 2 player game.

3. Place tape in cassette deck and ensure tape is rewound.

4. Hold down shift and press run/stop on the Commodore 64.

5. Press the play key on the recorder.

6. The screen will go blank. When you see 'found', press the COMMODORE LOGO key, and the screen will again go blank. The program will automatically load and run.

7. If the cassette fails to load, ensure that the leads are connected correctly, and that your tape heads are clean and correctly aligned. Your local dealer should be able to advise on this if you have any problems.


Various options can be selected whilst the title screen is displayed. You can choose from four teams:- HOUSTON (blue), MOSCOW (magenta), MADRID (green) and TOKYO (yellow). Function Keys F1 and F3
Press F1 repeatedly until your chosen team (joystick 1) is displayed, and F3 until your chosen team 2 (joystick port 2) is displayed.

Function Key F5
Press this key repeatedly to select 1 or 2 player game or skill levels. On the one player game these are indicated on the players arms, 11 is the easiest, 66 the hardest.

Function Key F7
Press this key repeatedly to change border colours.

PRESS RUN/STOP AND RESTORE KEYS to exit current game and return to title page.

Playing the Game

You directly control one of your team players with your joystick at any one time. This player will appear in a lighter shade of the teams colour selected.

Teams defeated the goals displaying their own colour, and attack those of the oppositions colour. Goals change end at each firing of the ball to ensure fairness.

The Start of the Game

After the colours of the teams have been selected etc., and the fire button pressed, the two teams will skate in to the arena. A hooter will sound, and the ball will be fired on to the track from the top right hand side of the track into section 1.

It is then up to the two teams to collect the ball and score in the oppositions goal.

The best way to collect the ball is to approach from behind, and move the joystick down with the fire button pressed, as stated on the joystick control diagram.

If correctly positioned, the player will move to collect the ball.

To shoot for goal, move joystick to the right and press the fire button, again as stated on the joystick control diagram. The ball will be thrown towards goal, and if timed correctly, will score.

After a goal is scored, or in the event of the ball rolling out of play (i.e. into the red striped area, when a hooter will sound), the game will re-start by scrolling on to section 1, the hooter sounding, and the ball again being fired into the track from the top right hand side. At the top of the red striped area is a groove which will help to keep the ball in play, but cannot hold the ball as it approaches a stop. At the end of the contest, the winning teams' anthem is played, and the players salute their crowd.

General Strategy

To see the general method of play, select level 66 and watch how the computer picks up, shoots, punches and scores etc. Every player will develop his own individual strategy for ROCKETBALL, and only the bravest and most dextrous will survive to become champion.

There are many facets to this game that can be developed and refined. One player may feel that the best technique is to avoid as far as possible the opposition men, whilst another may feel it is best to barge and push the opposition men as often as possible.

This fantastic capacity for variety gives ROCKETBALL a tremendous advantage over other computer games, and will ensure it is a game that will remain your top favourite and a constant challenge to your strategy, skill and dexterity.


Team - Team Colour - Joystick Cont.Player Colour

The joystick is used to control these players as follows:-
Joystick Controls
JOYSTICK UP: Move player up track
JOYSTICK UP & FIRE: Player Jumps

JOYSTICK LEFT: Speeds player up
JOYSTICK LEFT & FIRE: Throws ball down track to pass/punch player left.

JOYSTICK RIGHT: Slows player down
JOYSTICK RIGHT & FIRE: Throws ball towards goal/passes up track/punch player right.

JOYSTICK DOWN: Moves player down track
JOYSTICK DOWN & FIRE: Player squats or moves to pick ball up.

RAPID movement of joystick will speed up acceleration or deceleration.

For both teams, the player that becomes controlled by the joysticks is decided mainly by the proximity of the ball. However, other factors will be taken into account - for example whether that player has fallen or is standing.

The other players on both teams will adopt defensive or attacking patterns relative to the movement of the player with the ball. The circular track consists of eight sections, and if a joystick controlled player leaves the screen as it scrolls, a player on screen changes to become joystick controlled as above.

All players can attack and defend by pushing and barging other players. They can also jump and duck to avoid collitions, and pick up the ball when it is free. Jumping and ducking will also give the best chance of surviving a collision. In general, a player ducking will knock down one jumping, whilst wither will knock down one skating. Two players colliding doing the same aciton will both fall.

The players will skate at different speeds. Players without the ball will move faster than the one with it and hence be able to catch him up.

The 'goals' are magnetic disks located at each half of the arena, with each teams goals placed at sections 3 and 7.