Programmed By: Timothy Goodacre, Release Year: Unknown, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 2 to 4


Welcome to the world of Rumball!
Here are some tips to get you balling!


Practice - One Player V Computer
Two Player - One Player V Another
Three Player - One Player V Another, Winner V Third Player
Four Player - Player One V Player Two, Player Three V Player Four
Winner One V Winner Two
Best Of Three - One Player V Another X Three, Most Wins Is Winner.


Blue team uses a joystick in port two. Red team can either use a joystick in port one or use the O and L keys.

If you are using ajoystick...push joystick forward to move bats up. Pull joystick back to move bats down.

If you are using the keyboard...
Press O to move bats up.
Press L to move bats down.

Pressing F/One during a match will pause the game. The screen will change colour indicating that the game is paused. Pressing the F/One key again will continue the game. Pressing Q while paused will return you to the title page.


The object of the game is simple...
Manoeuvre your bats to deflect the puck into your opponents goal. The first player to score nine points wins the game...