Run For Gold
Copyright/Publisher: Alternative Software, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Athletics, Number Of Players: 1

The Challenge

The ultimate challenge for middle distance runners: to win the Olympic Gold against the world's top athletes AND to break the world record in three events - 400m, 800m and 1500m.

Run For Gold allows you to train two runners for this task: both a 400m runner and a 800m/1500m runner. There are four major championship finals: first Crystal Palace, then the European Championships, thirdly the World Championships and finally the Olympics. Your runners will have to race in local meets in order to gain entry to each of these finals.

But there are forty other runners who share your dream of Olympic Gold. Each runner uses individual, realistic tactics. And, as you improve, so they will improve and the harder it will become to qualify for major championships. As you strive for the world record, so they will also strive for the same goal. The race for gold is on.

Game Options:

Run for Gold level 1 - You control your runner's pace. The computer will keep your runner in his lane but you will have to steer him into another lane.

Run for Gold level 2 - You control your runner's pace and you have full control of his steering. Steering the runner is tricky so it is recommended that you start on level 1.

Demonstration - The computer controls your runner by way of demonstration.

Specifying your runners

The next screen allows you to specify your runners. If you are using the program for the first time or if you want to use two new runners, choose "Name two new runners". If you want to use runners previously saved on cassette choose "Load runners from tape".

Loading runners from tape - Replace the program cassette with the cassette that contains your previously saved runners and rewind. Press PLAY on your recorder and ENTER to start loading. Hold CAPS and press SPACE to abort loading.

Naming two new runners - Type in a name for the runner to compete in the 400m event and press ENTER.

Then type in a name for the 800m and 1500m runner and press ENTER. To correct mistakes press 0.

Choosing an event

Press SPACE to highlight the event. When the even you require is highlighted, press ENTER.

Saving your runners

Insert a blank cassette into the tape recorder and press ENTER. Then press RECORD on the tape recorder to start saving. When the runners have been saved, press ENTER.

Checking your position during a race

To see how you are doing in the race, press E. Your runner is indicated by a small arrow. Your lane number flashes. Press E or any of the pace or steering keys to continue your race.

You will be disqualified for:

a Making two false starts in the same race. b Steering off the track. c Moving out of your lane in the 400 metres. d Moving out of your lane before the 700 metre mark in the 800 metres.

Use of a joystick

Remember to plug your joystick into the Spectrum before loading.
Use your joystick as follows:
UP - Increases pace (Same as O)
DOWN - Decreases pace (Same as N)
LEFT - Steer left (Same as I)
RIGHT - Steer right (Same as P)
FIRE - Starts the runner (Same as Q)

Summary of keys

SPACE Highlight options
ENTER Chooses highlighted option
Q Start
O Increase pace
N Decrease pace
I Steer left
P Steer right
E Check your position
CAPS A Reselect option / start program