Samurai Trilogy
Copyright/Publisher: Merlin Magic Software/Gremlin Graphics Ltd, Designed By: Nicholas Mills, Programmed By:
John Tometzkt, Additional Coding By: Gary Sabin, Graphics By: Bob Hawker, Designed By: Nicholas Mills,
Music By: Alan Reining, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


In an age in which honour was revered, from a time when grace and beauty were virtues, a class of warriors set themselves apart to dedicate their lives to a perfection in combat that in itself was an artform, to a discipline of mind that became a religion.

The attaining of such excellence required an extraordinary dilligence in selfdenial and training in order to achieve the ultimate accolade 'war lord'. Kendo, Karate and finally Samurai are the tests that must be mastered before such honour can be bestowed.

Only the honourable will survive the bloody conflict of Samurai Trilogy.


They're a band of fighting warriors highlt skilled and deadly. You'll have training course to attain the title of Samurai. Those who succeed are honoured by the inscription of their name on the walls of the "CHOPMUP TEMPLE".

Your quest for excellence in combat begins. Your mentor, supreme master Chu Yu, will guide you through your fights and impart his judgement of your performance. If you need Chu Yu, his words will serve you well - ignore him at your peril. To prove that you are worthy of the coveted title Samuari, you must demonstrate your fighting skills and mental agility.


Before fighting each opponent, you must train yourself religiously. You may select three of twelve training routines in an effort to improve your chosen strategy.

Practice fighting techniques against a image

Practice movement and technique

Breaking bricks, states


Tai Sabaki
Reflex training

Combination movements




Between each stage of combat you are required to select attack and defence tactics: this is done by distributing a chosen number of points (5) between the four bars at the foot of the screen.

During Samurai, the the third and final test, you will be allowed an initial selection , but from then on you will fight without pause to the death: four opponents must b beated in this final test.

It is now that your training will be put to the greatest test: you will either die or emerge to claim your title: