SFI Wrestling 2 (V1.0C)
Copyright/Publisher: The Skull, Created By: The Skull, Release Year: 1999, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1


Welcome to SFI Wrestling 2!
In this game, Skull defends his SFI title from you!! You may have beaten him in boxing but can you defeat him in the wrestling ring? We'll see...

J - Left
K - Right
F - Punch

D - Body Drop
S - Drop Kick
Z - Pile Driver
I - Off Top Rope P - Pause
SPACE BAR = Titan Breaker ***

While opponent is down you can:
F - Elbow Drop
Q - Pick Up
W - Pin

*** = Only when energy bar is gone.

When you perform a move that leaves you directly next to the rope AND directly next to your enemy, press the 'I' key to jump off the top rope.

Only 1 of your moves will place you directly next to the rope and your enemy. When you figure it out, go on a jumping frenzy! ;)