Shanghai Karate
Copyright/Publisher: Players, Coding By: Mike Brown, Graphics By: Martin "Jabba" Severn &
Mike Brown, Designed By: Ian Thompson, Playtesting By: Simon "I'll But It!" Daniels,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


"Tell us a story honourabke grandfather", the children sat around the old Japanese sailor. This was the old man's story.

The Changchun Academy was the most famous karate school in the whole of northern China, from where the karate masters taught their students from the sacred karate scrolls. Then one night, a disgraced former pupil, the evil Wang Chen and his army, slaughtered the Karate Masters and their pupils. Only Lo Yin survived, as he was studying the sacred scrolls at the time and managed to take them with him when he escaped.

Lo Yin knew that Wang Chen would not rest until he had the scrolls and he was right. Wang dispatched his finest warriors to bring back the scrolls. After many legendary fights, Lo reached Shanghai where he entrusted the scrolls to his old friend Derek who brought them safely to Slough where they remain to this day. According to the story, Lo was lured into a dragon temple and was never seen again.


You take on the role of Lo Yin, in his epic journey from Changchun to Shanghai.

SIDE A (THE YOURNEY): In level one you play the part of Lo in the caves below the academy, level two places you on the Great Wah, and in three you must fight Wangs men by the Yangtze river.

SIDE B (SHANGHAI): In level one you face opponents in Shanghai harbour, level two places you in the sewers below the city. If you reach level 3 you are given the chance to complete the story in the Dragon Temple.


Without Fire Button Pressed
LEFT = Walk Left
LEFT+UP = High Block
UP = Jump
UP+RIGHT = High Block
RIGHT = Walk Right
RIGHT+DOWN = Mid Block
DOWN = Low Block
DOWN+LEFT = Mid Block

Fire Button Pressed
LEFT = Mid Punch
LEFT+UP = Punch
UP = Flying Kick
UP+RIGHT = High Kick
RIGHT = Mid Kick
DOWN = Sweep
DOWN+LEFT = Low Punch