Skate Rock
Copyright/Publisher: Bubble Bus Software, Designed & Programmed by: Richard Clark (Zig Zag Creations),
Music: Ben Dalglish, Release Year: 1986 , Genre: Skateboard, Number Of Players: 1

After months of battling between all the rival skateboarders in town the arguments are turning into violence with fights erupting everywhere. In abid to restore friendliness to skateboarding a meeting is organised where it is decided that a competition is to be held to find out, once and for all, who are the best skaters around.

Ten courses are set up around town and each skater takes it in turn to thrash his way around them. The object is to hit the eight flasg placed around each course and reach the finish line in the time limit. The few skaters who complete all the courses will become members of the elite crew "The Slime Rat Skaters".

Are you 'def' enough to do it, or are you just another toy skater?

Use the joystick (in port 2) to change the following options:

Course no 1-10:
Course 1: In The Suburbs
Course 2: Town And City
Course 3: In The Suburbs 2
Course 4: Broken Bridges
Course 5: City Rush Hour
Course 6: Bridges Mania
Course 7: City 'N Bridges
Course 8: Sin City
Course 9: Bridges Again!
Course 10: Purple Way
(you can only select up to the highest course you have completed.)

Time limit:
The amount of time you start the game with. At the end of each course any time left over is added to the time for the next courses.
Time Limit 1: Beginners Only
Time Limit 2: Average Skaters
Time Limit 3: Thrashers!!

Board Truck Setting
How tight the trucks are set determines how slow,
or fast, the skateboard turns.
Board Truck Setting 1: Loose
Board Truck Setting 2: Normal
Board Truck Setting 3: Tight

Pressing the [FIRE BUTTON] starts the game.

[LEFT] and [RIGHT] - turns the skateboard clockwise and anti-clockwise.

[UP] - Each movement increases the speed of the board.

[DOWN] - Slows the board down.

[LEFT] and [RIGHT] with the [FIRE BUTTON] pressed - Kick turns the skateboard clockwise and anti-clockwise.

[DOWN] with the [FIRE BUTTON] pressed - makes the skateboard wheelie.

Pressing and releasing the [FIRE BUTTON] without touching the stick makes the man jump off the skateboard.

[SPACE BAR] - Pauses the game.
Any joystick movement restarts it.

[RESTORE] - return to the title screen.