Ski Physics
Copyright/Publisher: COMPUTE!'s Gazette/COMPUTE! Publications, Inc., Programmed By:
Gerald & Betty Schueler, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Winter Sports, Number Of Players: 1


"Ski Physics" is an education game that teaches the relationship between velocity, distance, and time. If you answer questions correctly, you can watch the skier make a perfect jump. If your answer is wrong, the ski jumper lands in a bale of hay. For the VIC-20 or Commodore 64.


"Ski Physics" begins by printing short definitions of time, velocity, and distance. The computer then randomly selects a word problem involving the three concepts. You solve the problem, enter the answer, and press RETURN. If the answer is correct, the ski jumper lands safely on a platform. But if you are wrong, the skier falls short and lands in a pile of hay.

You might want to have paper and pencil (or a calculator) handy; some questions require more effort than others. You should enter only numbers for your answer not the units such as feet, seconds, miles per hour, etc. You can also ignore remainders in the division problems. The computer expects answers that are integers.

How The VIC Version Works

Program 1 plays the opening music, sets up the custom characters in a protected area of memory, and prints the instructions. It then automatically loads Program 2.

In program 2, line 255 selects four random numbers A represents the units for each problem (feet, minutes, etc.), B stands for one of three word problems, and variables and Y are the numbers used in the problems.

Lines 290-300 print the background scene, using the redefined characters from the first program.

Line 315 accepts the player's input (answer). The program jumps to line 360 if the answer is correct; the skier makes a successful jump. If the answer is wrong, the skier fails. The process is then repeated with a new question.

The Commodore 64 version is similar in operation.

Typing in Ski Physics

If you have a VIC-20 with a tape drive, type in Program 1, SAVE, and VERIFY it. Then type NEW (or turn the computer off and then on again). Enter Program and SAVE it immediately after Program 1. To use Ski Physics, RUN Program 1. After it has set up the custom characters, it will automatically load Program 2.

If you have a VIC and a disk drive, enter and SAVE both programs. Before the first program loads the second, you will be asked if you yore using tape or disk.

Commodore 64 owners should simply type in Program 3, SAVE it, and RUN.


You will be given problems to solve with time, distance and velocity.

Answer with the correct number.
Ignore remainders.
Do not give units.

Time is duration
It is measured in minutes and hours.

Velocity is speed
It is measured in feet/second or miles/hour.

Distance is length
It is measured in feet or miles.