Space Academy
Copyright/Publisher: Elite Systems Ltd, Music By: Mark Cooksey,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 to 5


Want to be in the Army eh!! well if you do SPACE ACADEMY is for you...

The school is split in two, each part at a different location. At the junior school you simply build up your speed and stamina to an acceptable level.

Until you have completed all the tasks in the first section you can't move on to the exciting stuff, like weapons training - it's a bit like being kept down a grade.

Each level is simply a test of hand eye coordination using different cotrols every time to get through a number of assault courses.

All the levels are controlled via the JOYSTICK; your best bet is to experi- ment and you'll soon get the hang of the jumping and ducking.

The main stumbling block to success is a clock in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.


Level 1.
Waggle your JOYSTICK L / R until you reach the end.

Level 2.
Move your JOYSTICK L / R and try to keep the white line in

Level 3.
You run automatically just press FIRE to jump hurdles. The longer you hold down fire the futher the jump.

Level 4.
This is similiar to level 2 the only difference being the obstacles you must duck under or jump over.

Level 5.
The death slide (Nasty Eh?) Press FIRE to lift youe legs to avoid broken kneecap's.

Level 6.
Get to the other side as fast as possible. Hit FIRE to jump and thump the dangling switch that turns on the next plat- form. Pull down to duck.

Level 7.
Get to the end of this very long tunnel. Hit FIRE to duc for a moment to avoid flying thing's. Pull down will make your man lie down.

Level 8.
Upside down monkey bar's. Waggle JOYSTICK until it reaches the red then press the FIRE button. then start it all over again.

Pressing SPACE pauses & unpauses game

Once you've completed all those levels you can move onto the WEAPONS TRAINING and most of the skill's that you have just learn't are needed for the Weapons Training.