Speed King
Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic, Programmed by: M.J.Estcourt,
Release Year: 1986, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1

The motorcycle racing game with thrilling high speed wheel-to-wheel action against 19 other determined riders. Work your way up to world class with the 3 skill levels on 10 world famous circuits. Put on your helmet and enjoy the exhilarating challenge of high performance bike racing at 250 mph!

- 10 world famous circuits
- 3 skill levels
- High performace bike with 6 gears
- 19 other riders
- Display of best position, fastest time, lap record
- Joystick compatible

Joystick 2
[FIRE BUTTON] - Accelerate
[LEFT] - Lean Left
[RIGHT] - Lean Right
[FORWARD] - Lower Gear
[BACK] - Higher Gear

[SPACE] - Accelerate
[<] - Lean Left
[>] - Lean Right
[A] - Lower Gear
[Z] - Higher Gear

There are 6 gears, with selection made by forward/back movement of the joystick or keys A and Z. Each gear corresponds to a particular speed range. Accelerate or brake by pressing or releasing the Fire button (or Space).

Acceleration and braking are affected by the gear to speed relationship. A neutral position must occur between gear changes if using a joystick. Colliding with other riders will result in a spill from your machine and a subsequent time penalty to regain control. Leaving the road causes loss of speed and eventually loss of control.

At the start of the race, two timers will start:

Lap Timer
Transferred to left side of the screen at end of each lap (lowered readout). Upper readout=best laptime.

Race Timer
Timing of current race.

If a new record is set for lap time, race time or finishing position the information will be announced on the grandstand display board.

There are nineteen other riders to compete against at three skill levels selected by [F8]. The number of laps can also be reduced to improve on the best race time as playing skill improves.

A high speed preview of the selected track may be observed by pressing Space. The race or practice mode may be aborted any time by pressing the [RESTORE] key.