Speed Racer
Copyright/Publisher: Electron, Created By: Dokken
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Controls: Dokken or Gambler.
For both controls, joystick right and left turn the car in those respective directions.

Dokken controls: Button pressed accelerates the car while button unpressed decelerates the car.

Gambler Controls: Button not pressed accelerates the car, and the button pressed decelerates.

Dokken controls are easier to drive but kill your thunb after awhile.

Strongly suggest starting out with dokken controls to get the feel of the game then switching to gambler controls so your thumb can lead a normal life after the game is finished.

Only a factor in 2 player game.

Competitive Mode
Players race until they are out of credits. Once a player is out of credits, his game is over.

Cooperative Mode
As long as 1 of the 2 players has credits left, both can race.

Note: Once a player is out of credtis, that player no longer gets a position bonus, only a lap bonus.

By the way, only true enemies play competitive mode.

Move the joystick right or left to select the correct position of the player's name, then move the joystick up or down to select the correct letter.

Possible letters: A-Z . ! and SPACE.

By far the most difficult command of any. For centuries philosophers have pondered over the ture meaning of this statement...the only result of these ponderings is sore thumbs, grey hairs and a couple of skipped lunches. Hmm, Since you've gotten this far, I pressume you figured out how to work this program. Congrats.

Couple Quick Comments:
You must finish 5 laps for your average to qualift as a top average. If you couldn't finsih 5 laps before the drones finished, thrust me, it wasn't much of an average.

There are 10 tracks included in this package. If you thing these tracks are difficult, you should have seen some of the sadistic tracks we discarded.

As you can see (ok, not from here, but while playing) the track is set up in 6x5 grid of blocks. So that you don't cheat on laps, the game keeps track of the correct order of blocks to finish a lap (with an error margin of 1 lap in case you get sloppy). If you skip a block by 'cowing' it through the grass, make sure you backtrack and pick up the block so you don't miss a lap. Missed laps may not matter to Al Unser Jr and Rick Mears, but they're a pain to make up.

The warning track on the outside of the road does not slow you down. The grass does. This is a hint. Stay on the road and the warning track. "Stay Off The Grass".

Ok, helpful hints from the masters.

1. Drive really fast and win a lot of races.

2. It's ok to slow down. Really.

3. Credits are deducted when a drone beats you. Therefore, a good idea is to beat the drones.

4. For really fast laps, hug the corners tight. In general, the closer you get to the warning track, the faster a lap you'll run.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice. The more you race a track, the better you'll race. Well unless you have no coordination.

6. Use a good joystick. None of those big stick ones either. Electron endorses the slik stik. Mainly because they last longer, but also because they are responsive as all get out.

7. There is one more really, really, super major like-wow hint I could give you, but it isn't always better to discover things for yourself?