Speed Racer 2
Copyright/Publisher: Electron, Created By: Dokken
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

First, a quick overview of the game.

- Win a lot of races.

- You are given 3 credits, you lise a credit when you don't beat both computer drones.

- When both players are out of credits, the game is over.

- There are 10 tracks in a track set.

- The game keeps track of hi scores and fast lap and average times.

- If you get a new top something, the game'll save'em.

- You can select 1 or players, enter your names, playing controls, and game speed.

- Gambler Controls: Automatically accelerate, button acts as brake.

- Dokken Controls: Button pressed accelerates, but unpressed brakes.

- Indy Cars: Same speed as Speed Racer 1. The way real men play the game. (Women, too)

- Stock Cars: Game play slowed by 10 percent. Good for practice. Gambler Controls: Button not pressed accelerates the car, and the button pressed decelerates.

Dokken controls are easier to drive but kill your thunb after awhile.

OK, in this release are 6 files. The game itself, the Track Editor, The Dox Writer, The Noise Player, and Tracks.1 and Tracks.5.

- I think everything is pretty much self-explanatory and very easy to use...I could be wrong.

- Ok, the noise player is just a little music player that has all the music I did for Speed Racer 1 and 2...plus one more...done out of boredom more than everything else.

- The dox are what you are looking at.

- OK, I believe the Track Editor is pretty simple to use. Just read the little menu of commands and you'll do fine. (I think.)

- 5 possible sets are allowed on one disk...Tracks.1 through Tracks.5.

- Tracks.1 is the original set.

- Tracks.5 is the original set with our fast times and averages. We haven't played these tracks that much so these times won't be overly difficult to defeat.

OK, a couple of suggestions you may wish to consider.

1. If you don't like the music, turn the volume down and play an Aerosmith tape. If you still don't like the music, get some real taste in music the repeat step 1.

2. See step 3.

3. See step 2.
OK, now we weeded out the stupid people with steps 2 and 3 who are stuck in an endless loop.

4. Don't drink and drive.

5. Although we won't do a Speed Racer 3, we still would like to hear what you think of the game.

5. If you don't like the game, turn your computer off and play one you like...Hey, it's not like you piad for this...and like they say, You get what you pay for.

5. Enjoy.
5. The.
5. Game.