Copyright/Publisher: Rainbow Arts, Music By: Chris Hülsbeck,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 to 8

C64 cassette
Press the SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys simultaneously
and then press PLAY on your tape recorder.

C64 disk
Type LOAD ":*",8,1 and press RETURN.

With the C64 the menu display is controlled with the joystick in port#1.
The displays are activated by following the display table with the menu-pointer and confirming with the fire button on the joystick.

PORT #1: With the C64 computer you can unfortunately only use a joystick.

PORT #2: With the C64 computer you can unfortunately only use a joystick.

HIGHSCORE: The highest score may be saved on disk. Then you can see the 10 best STARBALL players on the display.

MATCH ON/OFF: When the MATCH-OFF mode is chosen you can play alone against the computer or against another person. In the MATCH-ON mode you can play STARBALL with up to 8 players in a tournament.

PLAYER: Here you can enter the names of the players. If you are playing with less than 8 layers, after all the names have been entered you should press RETURN. The computer will automatically enter CPU for a computer-controlled player.

START: The game begins...

The blue Bumper-Jet on the left side is controlled through port #1 and the red Bumper-jet on the right side is controlled through Port #2.

The Bumper-Jets can be moved upwards and downwards. With these movements, and with help from the space Cosmos-Capsule, you should try to score as many points as possible!

In the universe between the two Bumper-Jets, various Para-Space-Floaters appear. When the Cosmos-Capsule touches one of these, the last-touched Bumper-Jet receives points.

The Astro-Bars behind the Bumper-Jets can also be destroyed, and they are worth 10 points each. If the Cosmos-Capusle goes through a hole in the Astro-Bars, the opponents has scored a "Galactic Goal" and receives 1000 points.

To reach further levels, you must score atleast 2000 points in the present level. After eliminating a Para-Space-Floater a bonus symbol will appear. This can also be touched with the Cosmos-Capsule. On the bonus symbol there is a öetter which represents the following words:
F - Fast
S - Slow
B - Blink
M - Mirror
H - Half
D - Double

Should a bonus-symbol be touched, the appropriate word will be displayed in one of the four display-tables that are constantly changing from red to blue. If a table with text in is touched by the Cosmos-Capsule, the Bumper-Jet that has the same colour as the table when it is touched will become faster, slower, double etc., according to the text.

The four bubbles above and below the playing field only affect the path of the Cosmos-Capsule. The playing time for one level is 1 minute. If, when in the MATCH OFF mode, none of the players have scored 2000 points, the game is over. If one player scores more points in the first level than his opponent, the losing player is exchanged for another. In the MATCH ON mode, you only play one level in which you must beat your opponent. If both players score the same number of points, the level is repeated.