Steve Davis Snooker
Copyright/Publisher: Blue Ribbon, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Snooker/Pool, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Shoot it out with the world's number one on the on the green baize. Authentic game play including definable spin, variable speed, highest break table and much, much more. (c) Blue Ribbon

Once the program has loaded the instructions will appear on the screen. Use the 'number' keys to enter your options:

O = Moves Cursor Left
P = Moves Cursor Right
Q = Moves Cursor Up
A = Moves Cursor Down
Enter/Return executes instructions
Shift/Break space and N = New game
Shift/Break space and R = Retake last shot (one player game)
Shift/Break space and C = Change origional shot instruction before playing

Colours Wanted
Nominating a colour is done by value (See Rules).

The program is automatically joystick compatable and can be used to replace the O, P, Q, A, and Enter commands.

1) Placing cue ball
Position the cursor in the 'D' then press Enter/Return.

2) Cue ball target
Position the centre of the cursor on the table where you want the centre of the cue ball to travel to then press Enter/Return

3) Power
Set the power using left and right keys and press Enter/Return

4) Spin
Select spin required by using all control keys, this determines where the 'Cue' will strike the cue ball

5) Having selected all the above, Enter/Return plays the shot.
If in the event of a foul shot being played the message 'Play Again' appears. If the player who commited the foul is to play the next shot then type 'Y' for Yes. If not then type 'N' for No.

Normal Snooker rules apply. A red ball (score 1) is pocketed first followed by a colour (Score as table). The same sequence follows until no reds are remaining, then the colours are potted in this sequence.

Yellow Score 2
Green Score 3
Brown Score 4
Blue Score 5
Pink Score 6
Black Score 7

For a foul shot, a fixed penalty of 4 for yellow, green and brown or, if blue, pink or black are struck out of sequence then the foul values are 5, 6 or 7 respectively.