Street Fighter
Copyright/Publisher: Infogrames, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 8

In this game you take the part of a street fighter, who travels the world in order to test his skills against combatants of different nationalities.

The game is presented in afive part multi-load format: each load containing data for a particaulr country. The countries are Japan, USA, England, China and Thailan.

On loading, the player is presented with a number of options:
[FIRE] - Start Game (3 Credits)
[F1] - Multi-load on/off.
[F3] - One Player/Two Players.

Player one uses a joystick in port #2.
Player two uses a joystick in port #1.

Player one takes the part of street fighter Ryu. If a two players game is selected, then player two takes the part of Ken. They must do battle to determine who will go on to fight opponents around the world.

In each country you must fight two computer controlled opponents before progressing to the next country. They are:
Japan - Retsu and Geki.
USA - Joe and Mike.
England - Birdie and Eagle.
China - Lee and Gen.
Thailand - Adon and Sagat.

Each contest is arranged as a best of three rounds bout, with the victor awarded bonus points for remaining time and energy. The player looses energy when he is kicked, punched or hit by a projectile.

You have 3 credits (continues), which allow you to stay on the same level if you lose.

After defeating all the opponents in a country, the player takes part in a bonus round. Here he must perform a karate chop on a pile of concrete slabs. The strength of your blow is determined by the reading on the strength display when fire is held, and released. The move must be carried out before the time limit is reached.

1. The shorter the time the fire button is depressed, the harder is the kick.

2. The direction of the joystick may be varied while jumping, adding to the variety of moves.