Street Surfer
Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic/Entertainment USA, Program: Sculptured Software, Enhancements: Binary Design Ltd,
Music: David Whittaker, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Skateboard, Number Of Players: 1

Surf the streets and pick up the Coke bottles. Snatch a drink when a friendly driver offers you the chance and watch out for the chicken crossing the road. (Find out WHY if you get the time!).

Keep on moving at all costs, becouse not all cars on this road are driven by Good Guys. Hang around too long and chances are you'll get spread out a little!

At intervals down the road you'll find the bottle banks. Lob in the empties for higher scores and a healthy glow. The more you recycle the longer you're likely to be able to stay out on the road, listen to the music, bump the carsm jump the oil slicks and watch the chicken go by...

The aim is nice and simple. Score points. You do this by just travelling the road and staying on the board. However, to survive the little problems in life, like getting totalied by a passing car or being sent skidding off into the sunset by an oil slick. It helps to get some health insurance.

Collect the empty Coke bottles lying by the side of the road. Deposit them at the neighbourhood recycling bottle bank and you not only pick up 20 points per empty, but your state of health improves dramatically! Clean up the city for a clean bill of health. Just steer over them to grab hold.

Some car drivers will offer you a drink as they pass. Move in close to take it. It helps you stay out there a little longer and hence score more points.

Now the problems, watch out for the cars coming up behind you. You can bump the sides of them, or the back of them if you're REAL careful. But staying in front of them will not lead to a happy retirement. In addition there are patches of oil dotted liberally down the tarmac. Hitting one of these is a bad idea. Unless that is, you fancy the trip. If you're going fast enough, however, you can skip over them, by jumping at just the right moment. Tricky.

The chicken you can work out for yourself

Joystick only
Joystick Left - Sway Left
Joystick Right - Sway Right
Joystick Up - Accelerate (Crouch on Board)
Joystick Down - Slow Down (Stand up on Board)
Fire to start game and to jump upwards