Stunt Bike Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Silverbird/Probe Software Ltd, Programmed By: W.R. Burey,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1


You are Chad Adams, ace stuntman. In order to show the rest of the stuntmen how good you are, you have set yourself a number of tasks. Swoop down from your hang-glider to your bike, jump logs, speed through the fire-hoop, catch and drive into the lorry, then clamber up to your helicopter and away, the best in the business!

THE GAME Task One: Hang-glider drop. Guide the bike into position underneath the rider, avoiding the obstacles. When you think the time is right press fire to drop onto the cycle. If you hit an obstruction you will lose 100 points.

Task Two: Log jumping. Avoid the oncoming logs by bunny-hopping them or driving your bike around them. A bunny hop can be achieved by pressing fire and up (a wheelie), then pressing fire and down in quick succession. As in the hang-glider drop, if you hit an obstruction you will will lose 100 points and crash.

Task Three: Fire-hoop jumping. When a hoop of fire comes near enough, jump through it by pressing fire. You must land back on the bike afterwards, though. The height of the jump depends on how fast the bike travels when you leave it.

Task Four: Lorry catching. Weave in and out of the obstacles and wait for the truck to lower a ramp; wheelie up onto it to complete the level.

Task Five: Helicopter hanging. You must jump from the bike and grab onto the hanger which is suspended from the 'copter. Jump by pressing fire, and as before, the height you jump is dependent on the speed of the bike when you leave it. If the chopper is within range when you jump, you automatically grab the hanger.