Copyright/Publisher: Goliath Games, Programmed By: Richard Walker,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


"Forty Fantastic finger flikk'n years"

After 47 successful years Subbuteo is now more popular than ever before. Today more than 5 million people take part in the world's most realistic table football game, flicking their way around a table size cloth pitch.

Having totally revamped the product in the mid-80s with brighter more modern packaging Subbuteo were able to walk away with the toy industry's coveted "Game of the Year" award in 1988.

Since then Subbuteo has grown at a phenomenal rate to a point today where the range includes 150 different strips with a total of over 500,000 teams being sold annually in the U.K. and a million throughout the world and has had the added enjoyment of a successful World Cup campaign by incorporating the Italia '90 logo.

National Leagues, National Championships and the thrill of International competition, organised since 1979 by the Federation of International Subbuteo Associations (F.I.S.A.), means that for many players, young and young at heart, Subbuteo is more than a game - it's a sport in its own right. Indeed, with sales of accessories and teams booming - in some years they outstrip sales of games - it's evident that Subbuteo has rightfully earned the position of the world's favourite table- top football game.

GAME PLAY AND RULES Loading instructions


Insert Subbuteo cassette into cassette unit making sure it is fully rewound.
Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys.
Press PLAY on cassette unit.

Loading a saved league
Insert cassette with saved data on into cassette unit.
Select LOAD LEAGUE option from league menu.
When screen goes purple press PLAY on cassette unit.

Saving a league
Insert blank cassette into cassette unit.
Select SAVE LEAGUE option from league control.
When screen goes purple press PLAY and RECORD on cassette unit.

Insert Subbuteo game disk into disk drive, making sure label is facing upwards.
Type LOAD "*",8,1 then press RETURN.

Loading a saved league
Insert disk with saved data on into disk drive.
Select LOAD LEAGUE option from league menu.

Saving a league
Insert blank disk into disk drive.
Select SAVE LEAGUE option from league control menu.

GAME PREPARATIONS Subbuteo can be played with either computer or up to eight friends. The game also offers the player the choice of either individual matches or league.

SKILL LEVELS There are three skill levels ...

AMATEUR - easy level where the computer's accuracy when "flicking" is probably your standard.

LEAGUE - Here the computer is good but not that good.

INTERNATIONAL - It's more a question of "are you that good?"

SINGLE MATCHES This allows you to play a game with either the computer or a friend so that you may practice, experiment and improve your skills ready for the league challenge. You may select whichever skill level most suits you.

LEAGUE The league will consist of eight teams controlled either by player or computer. Each computer controlled team will have individual skill levels which he will maintain throughout the league.

The league fixtures and tables are set by the computer. When a fixture is controlled by two computer players, you will have the option of either watching the game or allowing it to play within the machine's memory and seeing only the results. Up to eight players may play and the computer will automatically control any teams without player control.

Each player will be able to select joystick or keyboard functions prior to playing.


All menus are controlled using cursor keys and enter.

Universal Keys

Player One Keyboard
Q = UP
C = "FIRE"

Player Two Keyboard
* = UP
; = DOWN
< = LEFT
/ = "FIRE"

Joystick Forward = UP
Left = LEFT
Right = RIGHT
Fire Button = "FIRE"

DURATION OF GAME A clock offers a time option of up to 45 minutes per half.

TEAM FORMATIONS A choice of team formations will appear for the player to select. Once selected the formation will remain throughout the match.

TEAM POSSESSION DISPLAY A team is highlighted either by pointer or colour change (depending upon computer) when in possession of the ball. A TIMER BAR (SEE TIME LIMIT) appears below the name of the team from whom the computer is awaiting instructions; e.g. positional "flicks", kicking and shooting, etc.

TIME LIMIT To restrict player time wasting, (cheating), and to ensure that the game is played at a speed in accordance with table Subbuteo, a time restriction for each move is incorporated. The duration is 30 seconds.

PENALTY: Indirect Free Kick to the opposition.

NOTE: The clock stops for Free Kicks, Corner Kicks, Throw Ins, Penalties or when a goal is scored.

SELECTING PLAYER To select a player for manoeuvring see the following ...

a) Scroll screen up/down to bring required player into view. b) PRESS and RELEASE FIRE BUTTON.

c) A flashing highlighter will appear on screen. Move LEFT/ RIGHT to select required player.

d) Press and release FIRE button.

e) A dot will appear and circle around the selected player. This is used to indicate the direction in which the player will travel when "flicked". Use LEFT/RIGHT to select required direction.

f) Press and release FIRE button.

NOTE: The above procedure will cease if abort is selected. (SEE ABORT)

POWER BAR When a player has been selected to be "flicked", then TWO bars will appear on side of screen. The LEFT bar selects the POWER you wish to apply when "flicking" player. The longer the bar the more power applied. The RIGHT bar allows you to decide how much SPIN you require. Below midway point applies RIGHT HAND SPIN; above applies LEFT HAND SPIN. Stop the bar midway in order to "flick" a player straight forward. This requires skill - so practice.

ABORT This enables the user to alter his mind when selecting player (SEE SELECTING PLAYER). The option is available until the POWER BAR is activated (SEE POWER BAR). ABORT is selected by pressing the DOWN key on KEYBOARD or PULLING BACK on Joystick.

THE GOALKEEPER The goalkeeper will be COMPUTER CONTROLLED at all times. He will attempt to keep, throughout the game, goal side of the ball anticipating a shot. The goalkeeper will also attempt to clear the ball whenever it rests inside the inner goal area. Upon playing the ball he will be returned to position prior to kick.

This will count as a player's turn.

DEAD BALL KICKS When a free kick occurs, you will be asked to select a player. When selected, the player is then REMOVED FROM SCREEN WITH THE BALL allowing the "free positional flicks" to take place (SEE POSITIONAL FLICKS). The player and ball will return and you will be able to select the direction you wish him to aim for.


THE PLAYING PITCH The playing pitch is the same as Table Subbuteo. This means that you will observe a line passing directly across the pitch approximately half way between the standard half way line and the goal line. This is called the SHOOTING ZONE.


KICK OFF The ball must travel forwards and cannot be touched by the same player consecutively. PENALTY: Indirect Free Kick NOTE: If the ball fails to move forward the KICK OFF procedure is repeated.

POSSESSION a) The attacking team keeps possession until such time as any player flicked (other than a positional flick) fails to hit the ball, or an offence is committed.
PENALTY: Possession to opposing team.

b) The attacker may use any player (except goalkeeper) to "flick" at the ball, buy may not use the same player more than three times in succession.
PENALTY: Indirect Free Kick.

DEFENDING FLICKS After each attacking move the DEFENCE may have ONE defensive "flick". If the player touches either another player or the ball then a FOUL is committed.

PENALTY: Opponent decides whether the offending player (plus other players and ball if struck) be replaced to original position.

For all dead ball situations the following procedure occurs:-

a) You select the player to take the Free Kick, Throw In, etc.

b) The computer REMOVES selected player and ball from screen leaving an indicator where ball will be placed.

c) You may then proceed to select and place players accordingly. (SEE POSITIONING FLICKS AND RE-POSITIONING PLAYERS).

d) The computer will now replace (to screen) the ball and player selected to take kick.

e) The player selected to take kick may now be positioned accordingly. When completed press fire button.

NOTE: Throw Ins do not allow positioning oF player taking throw.

GOAL KICKS You may select any player, including the goalkeeper, to take goal kicks.

a) The ball must travel outside of the goal area. PENALTY: Retake.

b) Player must strike the ball when taking kick. PENALTY: Opposing team gains possession.

c) The ball cannot be played immediately by the SAME player. PENALTY: Indirect Free Kick.

d) A goal cannot be scored from a goal kick unless it is an own goal.

THROW IN The following occurs ...

A throw in occurs at the point where the ball goes out of play in accordance with below:

a) If player of Team A kicks the ball into touch without the ball hitting any other player. PENALTY: Throw in to Team B.

b) If player of Team A kicks ball, striking an opponent, inside the same zone BUT the ball goes out of play in a different zone. PENALTY: Throw in to Team B.

c) If player of Team A kicks ball, striking an opponent inside the same zone AND the ball goes out of play in the SAME zone. PENALTY: Throw in to Team A.

d) If player from Team A kicks the ball striking an opponent who is in a different zone and goes out of play. PENALTY: Throw in to Team B.

NOTE: A goal cannot be scored direct from a throw in unless it is an own goal.

CORNER KICK A comer is awarded when the following occurs:-

a) If a defending player kicks the ball behind his own goal line without the ball touching an opponent ... Corner Kick.

b) The ball is forced over the goal line, off a defending player, providing the defending player and ball are in shooting zone an attacking player is in an opposing team's half ... Corner Kick.


RE-POSITIONING PLAYERS ... (Goal Kick) Players are normally positioned by "flicking" EXCEPT when the GOAL KICK rule is applied.

Here an unlimited amount of players may be positioned BUT the following restrictions apply :-

1) A player situated in his own half of the field may be placed anywhere OTHER than the OPPOSING team's half of the field.

2) A player situated in the OPPOSING team's half of the field may be moved anywhere EXCEPT TOWARDS the OPPOSING team's GOAL LINE.

3) Players are not permitted in the penalty area where goal kick is being taken.

PENALTY: The computer will move them to outside the area.


POSITIONING FLICKS The team in possession will take his positional flicks first after player has been selected to take kick/throw. NOTE: It is an offence for a player, when "flicked", to touch another player.

PENALTY: Opponent decides whether the offending player (plus other players and ball, if struck) be replaced to original position.

GOAL KICK An unlimited amount of players may be "flicked" positionally for a goal kick and may be positioned anywhere on the field. However, players are not permitted in the penalty area where the goal kick is being taken.

PENALTY: Computer will move them outside of the area.

THROW IN One positional "flick" permitted for both teams.

CORNER KICK Three positional "flicks" permitted for both teams.

GOAL SCORING a) The player shooting MUST be anywhere in the opponent's half of the field and the ball MUST be within the opponent's SHOOTING ZONE. PENALTY: Goal Kick

b) An OWN GOAL may be scored from ANYWHERE on the pitch.

c) A goal CANNOT BE SCORED direct from a Free Kick, Throw In or Goal Kick.

d) A goal CANNOT be scored from an Indirect Free Kick or Throw In EVEN if the ball touches another player.

PENALTY KICK Any player may be selected to take the kick. The computer will move any figures from inside of the penalty area. The player shooting cannot touch the ball again until another player from either side has done so.

FOULS 1) If an attacking player touches any other player from EITHER team and proceeds to MISS the ball ... PENALTY: Opponent decides whether the offending player (plus other players and the ball, if struck) be replaced to original position.

2) If an attacking player touches any other player from EITHER team and proceeds to HIT the ball ... then depending upon where the offence took place, the following penalty will occur:-

a) Inside OWN penalty area - Penalty Kick.
b) Inside own SHOOTING ZONE - Direct Free Kick.
c) Elsewhere - Indirect Free Kick.

NOTE: Before the Free Kick is taken the team awarded the kick may return the players to their positions, prior to the offence, before continuing with the kick.

OFFSIDE An attacking player is only offside if he is INSIDE THE SHOOTING AREA while there are LESS than TWO OPPONENTS between him and the goal line.

PENALTY: Indirect Free Kick.

a) This does NOT apply if the player is behind the ball before it is played.

b) If a player is OFF the field but still comes under the criteria for the offside rule then he will be CONSIDERED OFFSIDE.

ON SIDE FLICKS If the attacking team has a player in an offside position he may REQUEST to put them on side by PRESSING "F" (keyboard). This will allow him to have TWO FREE "flicks" ONLY. The defence may then make the SAME number of MARKING "flicks".

FIGURES LEAVING PITCH If a player leaves the pitch, he will be treated THE SAME as a player on the field; e.g. Offside decisions. If a player moves into the goal net then he will be moved to end of pitch.

20 THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT SUBBUTEO 1. A week before the Italia '90 World Cup, Subbuteo held their own World Cup in Rome with 25 nations taking part.

2. The game was invented over 40 years ago in 1947 by an Englishman named Peter Adolph.

3. Top footballer Vinny Jones likes to unwind by playing Subbuteo (as do many other leading players).

4. Over seven hundred different Subbuteo strips have been available since the game was invented (about 500 ore currently available).

5. The name Subbuteo is taken from the Latin name for the Hobby Hawk - "Falco Subbuteo".

6. The original Subbuteo men were made from cardboard, with plastic buttons for bases.

7. The most popular Subbuteo team is Liverpool.

8. The Subbuteo World champion at Senior level is from Greece and the Junior World Champion hails from Portugal.

9. The first Subbuteo sets did not include a pitch cloth. Instead there was a piece of chalk and instructions for marking out the playing area on a blanket.

10. Bobby Charlton is the President of the U.K. Subbuteo Association.

11. His brother Jack Charlton is President of the Irish Subbuteo Association.

12. The full Subbuteo stadium can hold over 6,000 tiny plastic spectators.

13. The England team took several Subbuteo sets with them to Italy during the World Cup.

14. Over 5 million people around the world play Subbuteo.

15. There ore over 200 official Subbuteo leagues and clubs in the U.K.

16. There has been a Subbuteo league formed by Carmelite nuns in Italy.

17. Well over 100 million Subbuteo figures have been manufactured since the game was first invented.

18. Subbuteo is sold in over 50 countries.

19. There has been an eight part BBC TV series about the game called "Playing for Real". It was first shown in 1988.

20. The longest game of Subbuteo ever played lasted over four days.