Summer Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: Thunder Mountain/Tynesoft, Music: Ian Crabtree & Wally Beben, Programming: I.Davison &
M.Hedley, Graphics: M.Landreth, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 6

You've trained hard for this moment. Now get ready for record-setting excitement as you compete in five events that test you skill and experience.

En Guarde: suddenly there's a new point to Fencing. Stretch to the limit as you vault the Hurdles. Hit your mark in the High Dive. Push yourself that extra inch in the Triple Jump. Then take aim and shoot for the gold in Skeet Shooting. If you've got what it takes, you'll wear gold this summer

* Gold medal action in five events: Fencing, Hurdling, High Dive, Triple Jump and Skeet Shooting.
* Exciting graphics and animation
* Multiple-player options. one to six players can vie for top honors
* Realistic game play and scoring

(Commodore 128 uesers must run Summer Challenge in 64 mode.)
1. Insert the joystick into port 2 of your computer.
2. Insert the Summer Challenge disk, label side up, into the disk drive, and close the drive door or latch.
3. Turn on the monitor or TV, the disk drive, and the computer.
4. At the Ready prompt, type LOAD"*",8,1 and press Return.
5. The game will load automatically.
6. During the game, you will be prompted to insert Side B. To do this, remove the disk and insert it label side down, into the disk drive.

Note to "Fast Load" cartridge users:
This progra has its own "fast load" system to minimize loading time. The presence of any type of fast load cartridge will not accelerate loading any further. Due to the program's intricate design, the program may not load with certain fast load cartridges attached to your computer. If you use a fast load cartridge and experience problems loading the program, turn off the computer and disk drive, remove the fast load cartridge, and then follow the loading instructions already given. With no cartridge attached, the program should load normally.

Entering Players' Names
1. After you load the game, type in the name of the first player, and press Return. As many as six people can play the game.
2. The Flag Screen will appear giving you the opportunity to select the country you would like the player to represent. Use the joystick or keyboard to position the cursor over the desired country; press the joystick fire button or Return to select the flag.
3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for each player. After you have entered all the players' names and countries, press Return. The Events Screen will appear.

Selecting Events
To select the events, position the cursor over the mini-television screens for each event and press the fire button. If the event is animated, that event is selected. To de-select an event, position the cursor over the event and press the fire button again.

2. When you are ready to play the game, move the cursor over the button at the bottom of the screen. When the button says Start Games, press the fire button. When prompted, press the fire button to load the first event. If you are prompted to insert Side A, simply press the fire button again. If you are prompted to insert Side B, remove the disk from the drive and flip it over. Insert the disk, label side down, and press the fire button.

After you have completed an event, you will be given the opportunity to replay it by typing either Y or N. However, any medals you have won will be lost should you choose to replay an event.

Skeet Shooting
In this event, you shoot clay pigeons fired from the blinds. There are seven stations to complete, each at a different position on the shooting range. You may only have to shoot one pigeon (singles) at a time, or you may be required to shoot two pigeons (doubles) fired at the same time.

Commodore users must use a joystick for this event.

Press the fire button to start a station. Move the joystick up to fire a pigeon. Then position the cursor by moving the joystick. Press the joystick fire button to fire the gun.

Position the gunsight just in front of the pigeon, keeping in mind that there is a delay between the time you fire the gun and actually hit the clay pigeon. Your score is based on the number of pigeons you have successfully shot. Each round is played at a different station. You don't have unlimited ammunition, so aim carefully!

This is the gentlerranly way to fight; it takes a sharp eye to foil your enemy. Block perries and jabs while you try to psuh your opponent back into his territory and gain the upper hand. Try to get the most direct hits in the time available to be the winner.

Commodore users must use a joystick to play this event.

UP - Move Forward
DOWN - Move Backward
LEFT - Parry
RIGHT - Riposte
FIRE - Lunge

Move the joystick forward to push your opponent into his territory. Pull the joystick back to retreat. Press the fire button to lunge towards your opponent. Use the Parry and Riposte maneuvres to block your opponent's moves. Commodore users must score 5 direct hits to win each round.

Please note that this event loads in two parts, first on Side A and then on Side B.

Not even the circus high-dive clown can do these moves. As you approach the edge of the diving platform, prepare a mental image of the perfect dive: flawless pike, effortless spins and tucks, and a smooth entry. It takes control and expert training to please these judges.

Commodore users must use a joystick to play this event.

Take-Off: LEFT - Back Flip
RIGHT - Forward Dive
FIRE - Pike

Dive - Fire Button Not Pressed
UP - Back Flip
DOWN - Pike
LEFT - Roll Left
RIGHT - Roll Right

Dive - Fire Button Pressed
LEFT - Spin Left
RIGHT - Spin Right

On the right side of the screen is a picture of your location and the diving platform. Once you reach the edge of the diving board, press the fire button to start your dive. Score points for clean take-offs, good tumbling, and smooth entries. Try to enter the water head or feet first in a straight position.

Triple Jump
Going for the gold is more than a hop, skip and jump! It takes speed, accuracy and strength to go the distance. See if you're quick enough and strong enough to jump into the record books.

Commodore users must use a joystick to play this event.

Move the joystick alternately left and right to increase speed. When the desried speed is reached, press fire to set the speed. Now set the angalge of the jump by moving the joystick up or down. Press the fire button to start the jump as you approach the take-off board. Alter the jump angle when in air by moving the joystick up or down. Keep in mind that although a higher angle jump may make you jump higher, it won't necessarily make you jump farther.

Stretch your skills to the limit, but don't trip up. See if you can keep up with the other racers and still have enough stamina to jump over the hurdles. Watch out for false starts!

Commodore users must use a joystick to play this event.

After the "On your marks, Get set, Go" press the fire buttonor spacebar to start the race. Move the joystick the left and right to gain speed. Press fire to jump over the hurdles.

Selecting Events
Commodore users must use a joystick to play this event.