Super Cup Football
Copyright/Publisher: Rack'It/21st Century Entertainment, Written and Designed By: John Connor,
Music & Sound FX By: Nigel & Kevin Grieve, Title Screen By: Anthony Scott,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


With strategy and skillful ball control, compete to see whose team will win the Supercup final in this multidirectionally scrolling soccer simulation.


Running - standard 8-directional format
Sliding Tackle - press fire whilst running (can only be used if opponent has the ball)
Heading - press fire when the ball collides with your player
Change player - halt and press fire
Kicking - the longer the fire button is pressed, the harder the kick
Banana kicking - when the ball is in flight, press fire and left/right as required

S = sound effects
M = music
DELETE = abort

Grass texture can be changed by entering the Pause mode followed by the keys 1-6; keys 7-9 alter the screen colours.

Control of the goalkeeper is automatically given to you when the ball enters the area surrounding the six-yard box. Also automatic is the goalkeeper punching the ball out if it is too high for him to catch.

Change player = press fire and then let go. Alternatively run your present player off the screen.