Super Cycle
Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Game Design By: Stephen Landrum, Graphics By: Michael Kosaka,
Music By: Bob Vieira, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Open road racing--wheel to wheel--pistons screaming and rubber burning. That's the challenge of SUPER CYCLE. Before you begin, choose your machine and your leathers. Choose carefully, there's an ordeal ahead.

You and your machine will be pushed to the maz by the course, the other competitors, and the relentless clock. You must complete each of the race courses within a time limit, in order to continue. Crash, and you lose valuable seconds. Each of the more than seven courses poses unique challenges - water on the road, ice, road barricades and other dangerous obstacles. When you see a road sign that means slippery when wet, you'd better listen.

There's day and night courses, city and country, hills and mountains, desert courses and streaking through the sunlight next to Cape Canaveral. Accelerate up through the gears, jockey for position and bump the other riders. Go for top speed, butr try not to go out of control. Good luck. Your reflexes had better be as sharp as the turns up ahead.

You must complete each race course within the specified time, in order to go on to the next course. Watch out for the other riders -- you can bump them and they can bump you. Steer through the pack, and avoid road obstacles -- crashing eats up valuable time. Complete all the courses at one of the difficulty levels and you get a checkered flag next to your name on the racing scoreboard.

Set up your Commodore 64/128 Computer as shown in the owner's manual.
Plug in the joystick as shown in the owner's manual.
Place your SUPER CYCLE disk in the disk drive with the label side up.
Turn the computer on.
To load from cassette press SHIFT and RUN/STOP together.
Type LOAD"*",8,1 and press the RETURN key.
Next make your selections for the cycle you'll race and your leathers.
Choose your difficulty level.
If you want to clear out all the names and scores from the racing scoreboard, insert the SUPER CYCLE disk, turn the computer on, and type LOAD"ERASE HIGH SCORE",8 and press RETURN.
At any time while racing, press RUN/STOP to return to the title screen. From the title screen, Racing Scoreboard or select screen, pressing F1 takes you to the top of the Racing Scoreboard. On the Racing Scoreboard, F7 scrolls down and F5 scrolls up.
You're off!

Pusgh forward on the joystick to accelerate, and pull back to slow down. Push left or right with the joystick to steer.
There are three gears. To gear up, push the joystick forward and press the fire button. With the joystick centered, simple press the fire button to gear down. The three lights in the center of the dash indicate what gear you're in. The top light is the highest gear. The bottom light is the lowest gear. The light is colored yellow for the gear you're in.

Each course has a set time limit. The bottom of your dash shows your elapsed time, and your total points. The more distance you cover, the more points you accumulate.

Watch out for road conditions and unusual obstacles. You never knwo what you're going to find out there. Lamp posts, oil slicks, even road pylons that narrow the course to a single lane. Watch for special bonus flags -- hit those for extra points and time.

Time it just right, cut and accelerate with split second precision, and you could end up on top. On top of the racing scoreboard!