Super Hang-On
Copyright/Publisher: Electric Dreams, Release Year: 1988 Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1

The Meanest, Fastest Burners on the Globe

We're not just talking about a race here, we're talking the race. The ultimate trial of man and machine. Not a cross-country but a cross-continent by whatever route gets you through.

Forget your BMX, we're talking serious bikes. Bikes that can handle the hot and the cold. Machines that can take the rough and the smooth, and we don't mean dirt tracks.

And what about you-mind getting your leathers dirty? Perhaps even playing dirty? Know how to use a nitro injection? Is it first place or nothing? If so, read on...

The ultimate challenge-to burn rubber in the hot dust of Africa, the mystical green of Asia, the concrete jungles of American, the wide open spaces of Europe..

If you've got what it takes-Hang On and make those suckers spit your dust.

Right! Where's The Action...?
Hang on! Your objective is to race across four continents, each with a different skill class. Each continent contains a number of stages, and each stage must be completed before the timer counts down to zero. Any time made up on one stage is added to the time allowed on the next stage.

To qualify for the next class, you must complete all stages of a continent within the stage times. The higher the class, the more treacherous the track, and the more stages you must complete! To help you, your bike is fitted with the latest hi-tech turbo, which you can kick into life once you reach your bike's regular top speed of 280km/h. That's when you'll need all your wits about you, as the action really hots up!!

The rest is up to you - check out the controls, then give it your best shot, if you got what it takes, that is...

OK! Let's Go...
Right! A short while after loading commences, the screen will display a map of the world, roughly divided into four continents. These are AFRICA (Beginner class, 6 stages), ASIA (Junior class, 10 stages), AMERICA (Senior class, 14 stages) and EUROPE (Expert class, 18 stages). If you have the diskette version of SUPER HANG-ON, you may now select which continent you wish to race across. The continent of your choice will now load into your computer memory.

Super Hang-On Play Options...
When the continent of your choice has loaded into your computer, the screen will display a Menu with the available play options. Type the number (or where applicable, the key) listed next to your desired option.

Control the movement of your bike by leaning left or right around the bends. Normal acceleration will increase your speed up to 280 km/hour. When you reach this speed the indicator in the top right of the screen will turn red:now is the time to use your nitro control and leave the opposition standing.

Joystick controls:
Lean left - Joystick left
Lean right - Joystick right
Accelerate - Joystick forward
Brake - Joystick back
Nitro - Fire Button

Keyboard controls:
Lean left - ,
Lean right - .
Accelerate - CTRL
Brake - SPACE bar
Nitro - SHIFT

The keyboard controls can be used at the same time as the joystick.

To pause the game press the ESC key. You may then resume play by pressing RETURN, or abandon the race by pressing CLR HOME.