Super League
Copyright/Publisher: Players Premier, Written by: Reflective Designs, Coding: Duncan Scott Kershaw,
Music By: Sonic Graffiti, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1

Your new job is the manager of a fourth division football club. You will face all the pressure and financial worries that go with the position. You start with 500000 and must try to gain premotion to the exclusive first division.

On the way you can have a crack at the FA Cup! In your team alreadt are twelve players. Each with various attributes.

These consist of the players position, skill and energy levels. The skill and energy for the players can increase and decrease during the season, due to injuries etc....

When setting up your team on the field, remember you must play with 11 men and you do need a goal keeper! The rest is up to you. At any time during the season, you can buy and sell player. Your team play from right to left in a red strip.