Super Monaco GP
Copyright/Publisher: US Gold, Music: Maniacs of Noise,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1

There are 3 types of transmission:
Automatic, 4-gear and 7-gear.

At the beginning of the game move left or right and press button to choose one of them. Beginners should choose automatic, to help get accustomed the the handling of the car before moving up to a manual transmission.

The aim of the game is to come first on the Super Monaco track, but before you can do that there´s a lot of hard driving to do. You have to first overcome the world class tracks of France, Brazil and Spain before you can travel to the luxury of Monaco, home of the rich and famous.

On each track you must finish the race higher than the "Position Limit" before you can move onto the next track, The position limits for the tracks are as follows:
France : 7th or higher
Brazil : 5th or higher
Spain : 3rd or higher
Monaco (dry) : 3rd or higher
Monaco (wet) : Finish it if you can!!

Wheather conditions can make all the difference when your racing, so keep an eye out for the wheather reports telling you the condition of the track.

On each track you will first have to do a qualifying lap to determine your place on the starting grid. On the Monaco circuit there is a shorter qualifying track, so do your best to get a good position.

Your Formula 1 racing car is fairly robust and can take a few knocks, but if you handled poorly it will disintegrate if it collides with a barrier or a wall.