Super Scramble Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd/Magnetic Fields, Programmed by: Shaun Southern,
Graphics by: Andrew Morris, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Take on the ultimate challenge of motorbike scrambling. This real life simulator takes you over 15 gruelling terrains, featuring 1:2 gradient hills, streams, water obstacles, logs, cars and lorries. Control your accelerating, braking and gear changing (avoid stalling it!) as you race against the clock. A real must for all budding motor-X enthusiasts.

The game has fifteen courses divided into five sets of three. There are three sets of mud courses and two sets of concrete courses. Within a set, the courses can be played in any order, but the whole set must be completed before progressing to the next set. Failure to complete the course within the time limit ends the game.

Each course must be completed in the fastest possible time for a maximum score. Time penalties are incurred for failing to negotiate an obstacle correctly or for staying off the course, crashing or stalling the bike. Bonus points are given at the end of each course for time remaining.

On the first two sets of course, you get three attempts at each obstacle, after which you are placed further down the course and suffer a large time penalty. On the third and fourth sets you get four attempts. On the last set you must try seven times.

Top Screen
A detailed side view of the bike on the course and the obstacles being negotiated.

Middle Screen
A plan view showing the players position on the course and a short distance ahead. Used for steering the bike through the obstacles, also displays the penalty messages.

Bottom Screen
From left to right:
1. Timer, 2. Dashboard, 3. Your Score

Dashboard Displays:
The left dial is the speedometer. The central lights are gear indicators (all green - neutral, bottom red - first, middle red - second, top red - third). The dial on the right is the rev counter.

All controls and option selections are joystick controlled (port two) except for: [CBM-KEY] - Toggle pause mode on/off.
[RESTORE] - Quit current game.

Joystick (with fire button pressed)
[UP] - Change up a gear.
[DOWN] - Change down a gear.
[LEFT] - Lift rear wheel.
[RIGHT] - Wheelie.

Press the FIRE button while the joystick is centred to Duck.

Joystick (without fire button pressed)
[UP] - Turn left.
[DOWN] - Turn right.
[LEFT] - Brake (front wheel up whilst in the air).
[RIGHT] - Accelerate (front wheel down whilst in the air).