Superstar Ping Pong
Copyright/Publisher: DesignStar/SilverTime/Mindscape, Created By: Ed Ringler,
Music By: John A. Fitzpatrick, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Table Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

This is a simulation of the game of Table Tennis or as it is frequently known Ping Pong. It offers either one or two player games, with a full range of options, variable player strengths, control over type and direction of shots etc.

One or two players.
Joystick only.

Games are over 21 points with serve changing every five points. If the score reaches twenty all, then the game must be won by two clear points and the serve changes every point.

Score is displayed at the top of the screen. The double figure number is the point score, the single figure number is the games score.

On loading the game you are offered three option screens. Selections are made using either joystick. Moving the joystick up and down moves the hand icon between the sets of options. Moving the joystick left and right changes the selected option, shown by the highlight. To move between option screens, move the hand to the bottom row and select the next page, last page or start game option as desired and press fire.

One player/Two player. Too lazy - the computer demo. End View/Side View. Side view is for two players and manual move only, we recommend only experts try it.

Manual move/Auto move. Auto move places your bat in the right place for you and allows you to concentrate on timing and spin.

Speed select from Normal/Beginner/Hyperdrive.

Design the players' strengths and weaknessess.

Each skill can be set from one (bad) to four (excellent) total points can be set from 12 to 20.

Smash - gives additional power to your smash.
Forehand/Backhand - ability with appropriate shot, you are assumed to be righthanded.
Reaction Time - how quickly you react to change in paddle direction.
Speed - your overall pace.
Endurance - how well you last, smashing and chasing the ball wears your down.

Paddle colours - Player must select different colour bats
Alternate sides - Select NO if you do not want to change sides.
Length of match

Joystick control only.
Player one uses a joystick in port one, player two a joystick in port two.

Press Fire to start swing. Control direction by adjusting your timing.

Push forwards to select smash (left on side view), back to select backspin (right on side view).

In manual move joystick left and right (up and down on side view) to position bat.

F1 - restarts game
F1 + F3 - together returns you to options screens.
F5 + F7 - together toggles pause.
F1 - while paused changes ball colour.

Hold down SHIFT key and press RUN/STOP.