Take Down
Copyright/Publisher: Gamestar, Programmed By: Marty Franz, Alien Technology Group, Graphics By: Ken Hard,
Produced By: Mike Suarez, Music By: David Tolley, Digital Sound Samples By: Russel Lieblich & Glyn Anderson,
Product Management By: Lou Viveros, Special Thanks To: Scott Orr, Player's Guide By Jim Carr,
Editorial Management By: Laura Singer, Production Coordination By: Nancy Waisanen,
Production By Micki Cunningham, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Pain is the name of the game.

Don't mess with the bad boys of the Gamestar Wrestling Federation unless you're ready to crack some skulls. Because the GWF's brutal masters of destruction won't hesitate to plant your head in the canvas. So come on, climb in the ring - we've got an ambulance ready.

- Fantastic one or two player tag team action.
- Easy, complete control of all moves.
- Hottest graphics ever seen put you right in the ring.

Eight monsters of mash - each with his own set of moves - battle for GWF Tag Team Supremacy. You set the teams, pick your partner, then pound and pulverize.

Easy joystick action lets you do cool moves and inflict more pain than you ever though possible. Pile drivers, body slams, airplane spins, atomic drops, suplexes, or just go off the top rope to the big splash.

Command Card
Loading Take Down
Before loading Take Down, remove all accelator cartridges.

1. Plug your joysticks into your computer.

2. Turn on the disk drive and place the Take Down disk in the drive, label side up.

3. Turn the computer on. If you have a Commodore 128 computer, it will automatically boot at this point.

4. If you have a C-64, type Load"*",8,1 and press RETURN

5. After selecting the game options and your wrestlers, you are prompted to "Insert Side 2, Press Button." Remove the game disk, turn it over, and place it in the drive, label-side down. Then press the fire button to complete the loading process.

Restarting Take Down
Once the match is over, you are prompted to "Insert Side One, Press Button." Remove the game disk, turn it over, and place it in the drive, label-side up. Then press the fire button to begin again.

Quitting the Ring
Once the match is over, you are prompted to "Insert Side 1, Press Button." Remove the game disk, turn it over, and place it in the drive, label side up. The results of the match are recorded on the disk at this point. If you choose not to re-enter the ring, wait until the section screen appears before turning your computer off.

Copyright 1988 Gamestar D-514-09
Commodore is a registered trademark, and Commodore 64 and 128 are trademarks of Commodore Electronics Ltd.

Programmed by Marty Franz, Alien Technology Group.

Graphics by Ken Hard.

Produced by Mike Suarez.

Music by David Tolley.

Digital sound samples by Russel Lieblich and Glyn Anderson.

Product management by Lou Viveros.

Special thanks to Scott Orr.

Player's Guide by Jim Carr. Editorial management by Laura Singer. Production coordination by Nancy Waisanen. Production by Micki Cunningham.

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Copyright 1988 Gamestar

Take Down lets you join the Gamestar Wrestling Federation- The GWF-with eight of the baddest, most conceited wrestling studs ever put together:

Iron Head, who has flattened many a geek beyond recognition.

Mr. Cool, macho master of the California beach.

Ninja, Oriental assassin of the night.

Sea Dawg, the one-eyed ruler of the high seas.

Sgt. Slam, a Green Beret turned wimp-smasher.

Sultan, a turban-topped desert snake with fangs of deadly venom.

Tomahawk, who has a collection of 3,819 scalps.

Viking, fierce conqueror of the weak and helpless.

In Take Down, anything goes. And any combination of two- man tag teams can go battle in the GWF Arena. Challenge a friend, or take on a team controlled by the computer in a free- for-all that's bound to leave someone battered and bruised.

This guide contains the information you need to join the GWF. So let's get it on!

Loading Take Down
To load Take Down on your computer, please refer to the Take Down Command Card for your particular system.

Note: All instructions in this guide assume your system is using joysticks. If the Take Down version for your system does not require joysticks, see the Command Card for the keyboard commands for you system.

Game Options
Following the introductory music and title screens (you can press the fire button to move through these quickly), you'll see Bruno "The Enforcer" Squiglioni - former GWF champ and current GWF fight promoter.

Let Bruno know whether you want a one player game or a two-player game by moving the joystick up or down. Once the correct game selection appears at the bottom of the screen -- inside Bruno's "thought buggle" -- press the fire button.

When you select ONE-PLAYER GAME, you fight against a computer-controlled team. You control both of your wrestlers - one at a time - while they are inside the ring. The two wrestlers outside the ring are controlled by the computer, and they may occasionally have a run-in of their own.

When you select TWO-PLAYER GAME, you and a friend fight against each other. Each of you controls both members of your tag team - again, one at a time - while they are in the ring. As with one-player games, the wrestlers outside of the ring are computer-controlled.

Note: You and a friend can fight together as a team against the computer by selecting ONE-PLAYER GAME and handing one joystick back and forth whenever you "tag out."

Selecting Your Wrestlers
As "The Enforcer," Bruno Squiglioni fell victim to way too many pile drivers in the ring. His brain got so banged up that now he can't decide on what wrestlers to choose from his card file for the next GWF rumble. You choose the wrestlers for him by moving the joystick up or down to have the various wrestlers' picture appear on the television monitors above Bruno. In Bruno's "thought bubble" you can see each wrestler's win/loss record and his best moves.

To select a wrestler, press the fire button while his picture appears on the TV monitor.

The first wresetler chosen for each team will be the first one to enter the ring.

Once both teams are set, it's off to the GWF arena.

Selecting Your Wrestlers
The wrestler you control is in the ring, ready to crack some skulls. Your teammate is outside the ring - ready to climb in and do some damage himself.

You'll also see a boisterious crowd in the foreground and four "power meters" - one for each wrestler - suspended above the ring.

The power meters tell you the current strength of each wrestler. As the wrestlers bust each other up, they become weaker, and the red bar inside their power meter gets smaller. Wrestlers regain power by tagging out and resting outside the ring; as a wrestler grows stronger, the red bar in his power meter gets bigger.

Your only objective is to pin your opponent - that is, hold his shoulders to the mat for a count of three. You don't score points - a match continues until you have pounded your opponent so badly that he just can't get up.

Inside The Ring

The Gamestar Wrestling Federation's Bad Boys of Brutality have all the moves-including the strutting and pracing- you'd expect of hulking, macho wrestling studs. Because per- forming these moves takes skill and practice, you need to learn to master them.

You control the movements of your matmen with your joystick and fire button. (Refer to your Take Down Command Card to determine keyboard controls and player movements if your system does not require joysticks.)

All eight GWF brawlers have a common set of moves they will need to put their opponent away:

* To move your wrestler forward and backward, push the joystick right or left.

* To move toward the top or bottom of the ring, push the joystick up or down.

* To tag out and let your other wrestler in the ring, move the wrestler who's in the ring towards the rope nearest your tag team partner, then press the fire button while pulling down on the joystick.

* To throw a punch, quickly press and release the fire button with teh joystick in it's neutral position.

* To climb the ropes and dive on your opponent - a move known as "the big splash" - first maneuver toward the top right or left corner of the ring, and push your joystick diago- nally in the direction of the corner you want to climb. When you're ready to go for the "big splash" and dive on your opponent, quickly press and release the fire button. If your opponent gets up or moves away before you can jump on him, you can climb down from the ropes - and avoid hurting yourself - by moving the joystick down.

* To bounce off the ropes for a flying body tackle, push the joystick right or left, and move your wrestler directly into the ropes. To then level your opponent with a flying body tackle, push the fire button as you are bouncing off the ropes. As with the "big splash", you will hurt yourself if you dive and miss, do don't hit the button until you think you can really drill your opponent.

* To dive on top of your opponent for the pin, move your wrestler directly over and oponent who is down on the mat. If you have inflicted enough damage to your opponent, your wrestler will automatically go for the pin by jumping on top of the downed man.

* To let an opponent get up before the pin - so that you can hurt him even more before ending his misery - push the joystick up, and your wrestler will get up off of the downed opponent. To jump up and down on him, go for a cover and then get up, over and over.

* To throw an opponent off of you before you get pinned, press the joystick up. If you have enough strength left to "press" your opponent off of you befor ethe three-count, you will toss him away

Custom Moves

Along with all the standard moves, each wrestler also has a unique set of four custom moves. For instance, Mr. Cool can do a body slam, airplane spin, kick, and head butt; while Sgt. Slam's repitorire includes the body slam, eye rake, head throw, and elbow smash.

To use one of your custom moves, push the joystick right, left, up or down while holding down the fire button.

The following "Custom Moves" chart shows each wrestler's custom moves and the joystick position needed to do each move. The joystick positions are: UP, DOWN, TOWARD you opponent, and AWAY from your opponent. TOWARD and AWAY will be either right or left on your joystick, depending on what side of your opoonent you are standing. For example, if you are on the left side of your opponent, then TOWARD will be right and AWAY will be left - and vice-versa if you are standing on the right side of your opponent.

Joystick Position with Button Held Down
Iron Head - Press Slam - Back Breaker - Gut Buster - Head Butt
Mr. Cool - Airplane Spin - Body Slam - Kick - Head Butt
Ninja - Press Slam - Drop Kick - Gut Buster - Head Throw
Sea Dawg - Airplane Spin - Wrench Suplex - Kick - Head Slap
Sgt. Slam - Head Throw - Body Slam - Eye Rake - Elbow Smash
Sultan - Suplex - Wrench Suplex - Elbow Smash - Eye Rake
Tomahawk - Suplex - Pile Driver - Gut Buster - Head Slap
Viking - Back Breaker - Pile Driver - Drop Kick - Gut Buster