Tournament Tennis
Copyright/Publisher: Imagic, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Move stick right or left to select one-player, two player, or demo games.

Move stick up or down to select novice, amateur or pro levels.

Press either fire button on joystick 2 once players and level have been selected.

Enter the name of player 1.
Type in your name by using the keyboard. Press return when you have typed in your name. When both names are entered, hit either fire button.

Begin game play.

Move the players with the joysticks. Position the player to return the ball with either a forehand or a backhand shot.

Press either fire button to swing the racket and hit the ball. Determine the direction of the shot by the relative ball/racket position when the ball is hit.

Use your joystick to choose the direction of the ball relative to the serve area (left, center or right) and to determine the strength of your serve (up for fast, down for slow, center for normal).

The probability of a successful serve is related to the directioin and strength you select as in a real tennis game.

Press fire button while holding the joystick in the selected position.

Serve again if your serve is out.

Player movement controls the speed of the hit ball.

Move player towards the net to hit the ball hard.

Move player away from the net to lob the ball (possible only when your opponent is at the net) or to hit the ball softly (possible only when your opponent is in the back court).

Move players side to side to hit the ball at normal speed.

All the Tennis rules are observed. The players change sides after every odd game. A match is best of three out of five sets.

A Tie-Breaker game takes place when necessary.

The pace of the action and the aggressiveness of the computer champion increases with each succeeding level.

NOVICE level:
The computer champion returns the ball in your direction and is not aggressive.

The computer champion plays at an intermediate level but may sometimes play as a real pro.

PRO level:
The computer champion mercilessly alternates between fast and normal shots while executing lobs and volleys.

Pause while the ball is in play by pressing F7.

Press F1 to abort the match and return to the option screen.

Restart the match while the game is paused or the ball is in play by pressing fire.